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Napa Valley Wine Train Bonus Photos From The Valley
  On my last full day of this vacation, November 16th, 2014, I spent the day photographing the Wine Train in various places along the route. Included here are photos taken that day throughout beautiful Napa Valley in addition to a few extra photos mixed in from the first two days I was here. I so highly recommend this train if you love a relaxing and peaceful ride through one of the most beautiful parts of California, or if you just love fine dining and wine! This train has a little something for everyone! Enjoy...
As you drive along Soscol Avenue in Napa, these two cars let you know you're right near the Wine Train! On the left is Display Car #1016
and next to it is Railway Post Office Car #3586 which is also set up as a display car on the station grounds.
The sign in the right of this photo is on 1st Street near the Wine Train's Napa Station. As a photographer, sometimes you see something and
look at it several different ways and think, maybe it can be used to enhance a picture! So when the train was sitting in the Napa Station
waiting to go back in the yard, I tried to frame it in the photo with this sign, I thought it looked kinda cool!
The Wine Train celebrates 25 years of preserving this historic rail line which was originally built in 1864.
As viewed from a road crossing, here's the beginning of the Wine Train's yard and shops.
I love the use of that old center-cab diesel for a billboard!
Having departed the yard and now about to cross 1st Street in Napa and arrive at the station for today's lunch train,
we see the Wine Train crossing over the Napa River.
The Wine Train's Napa Station building which also features a Wine Shop, Gift Shop and wine tasting!
Trying to take advantage of the beautiful fall colors this time of the year, I tried to compose a photo framing in those maple trees in the foreground
that had the red leaves with the trees in the background that had green and yellow leaves, with the train "carefully hidden" behind them!
This display located in the Wine Train's parking lot at the Napa Station is known as "The Iron Vineyard". It was created by the Wine Train's
Content Coordinator Kim Powers using old railroad spikes as well as used wheels. They were welded together to look like grapevines and
this is now a permanent addition to the Wine Train's art collection.
A closer view of the Iron Vineyard.
The Wine Train awaiting departure from the Napa Station for the lunch train. This photo was taken over near Soscol Avenue with a 200mm zoom lens.
The Wine Train awaiting departure from the Napa Station for the lunch train. This photo was taken over near Soscol Avenue with an 18-200mm zoom lens.
The train as seen from Soscol Avenue.
The train is about to cross Redwood Road in the City of Napa (behind where I was standing to get this photo).
One of the cabooses that double as a billboard for the Wine Train, this one at the station in Yountville. This caboose is of Southern Pacific heritage.
As seen from the station platform in Yountville, the train heads north towards Saint Helena.
The Cabernet Sauvignon Lounge/Platform Car brings up the markers on today's train as it heads past the Yountville Station.
The train now riding past the Robert Mondavi Winery in Rutherford.
That platform is a great place to enjoy the view of the valley and a great glass of wine!
Now arriving at the Saint Helena Station.
The run-around move of the power at Saint Helena.
A wide view of the train at Saint Helena.
Another wide-angle view at Saint Helena.
Former Southern Pacific Class C-40-5 Bay-Window Caboose on panel track at Saint Helena.
Now heading out of Saint Helena on the way back to Napa.
It's a great day for a train ride in Napa Valley!
The Wine Train's station at Rutherford, CA with another Caboose billboard.
Passing by the Caboose at the Rutherford Station.
The train is "carefully" hidden in this vineyard!!!
Now arriving back at the Napa Station after another great run.
One final view of the Chardonnay Lounge at the Napa Station.