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More Great Photos From Cedar Point In 2014
The Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad in its 51st season continues to transport guests from the Main Midway to Frontiertown with today's train using
2-4-0 #44 and named "Judy K". This locomotive is a product of the Vulcan Iron Works of Wilkes-Barre, PA and was built in 1923.
This advertisement, likely decades old, adorns a wall near one of the food service areas in Frontiertown advertising to "Travel The Scenic"
Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad!!! Though there's only one rail line verses a "Red Line" and "Green Line", these types of signage always
look really interesting! The original track alignment for the railroad did have it going through the middle of the Frontier Trail in the park in
addition to its current routing it uses today.
The Cedar Creek Mine Ride provides a ride experience that simulates a runaway mine train!
This coaster celebrated 45 years this year at CP having opened in 1969.
Maverick, a coaster that opened in 2007 features a 105ft tall lift hill with a drop at a 95 degree angle. This ride proves you don't need a 300ft tall
coaster for it to be a really fun ride! The photos you see here that have tiny leaves on the trees were taken during Opening Day weekend back in
May 2014. This was a result of an extremely cold winter and subsequent cold spring in the Midwest which caused the trees to get a late start.
Another view of Maverick flanked by a flowering tree!
Mantis, a coaster that has you standing up through the entire ride! 2014 would mark the final season for this big bug that first opened in 1996.
But fear not, this coaster isn't going anywhere as its track will be used in 2015 for an all new floorless roller coaster to be named "Rougarou"!
Have a great burger at Johnny Rockets and then go ride MaxAir, or vice versa!
For as great of coasters and thrill rides that Cedar Point has, it's at the same time, an extremely peaceful place! There is a long walkway that starts near
where the WindSeeker ride is located by the resorts entrance gate and runs along the perimeter of the peninsula past hotels, Soak City, and the Magnum.
Sometimes, if I just want to get some interesting photos or just take a break from coaster riding, this trail is a great place to take a relaxing walk.
Hiding in the trees is WindSeeker! This photo was taken with a 200mm lens from the Gemini Midway, I thought it looked cool hiding behind those trees!
By the Fall of 2014, Mantis had closed and the track was repainted for its conversion to "Rougarou".
A sign with all the details about Rougarou! I guess I know where I'll be in 2015, right back here again!!!
LEFT: Rougarou is gonna be one awesome experience with that crazy 119ft tall vertical loop! RIGHT: Also new for 2014 is Slingshot, a ride where you are
shot into the air, connected by two cables in a harness. I'm gonna ride that someday, really, I did Ripcord a couple years ago so nothing scares me!
One of the many haunted houses in the park for HalloWeekends, the Eternity Infirmary is downright SCARY!!!!
I think it's a safe assumption that Kraft sold a few more boxes of Macaroni & Cheese as a result of placing the "Big Noodle Sculpture" in the park!
Ahh, one food stand in the park that has something on the menu that reminds me of home!!! I needed proof I was there!
Corkscrew, a coaster that opened in 1976 and was the first in the world to have three inversions! I always liked this ride!
The Hotel Breakers is in the middle of a two year renovation as shown in this view taken from the Cedar Point beach.
The Breakers Tower is 10 stories tall and features a TGI Friday's restaurant on-site. The Bon Air Section of the Hotel Breakers (building in the right of
the photo) saw its last season at CP in 2014 and will be demolished during the off-season as part of the renovation of the overall hotel property.
The Cedar Point Beach in front of the Hotel Breakers. And yes, it was very cold and windy on the beach that day,
those clouds were not photoshopped for dramatic effect, Mother Nature provided them for us!!!
What I look like before my Diet Pepsi in the morning, just kidding! This ogre would "wake up" every so often and tell stories or just be goofy!
Once again this year, Cedar Point presented "Luminosity" at Celebration Plaza. The 2014 version of the show was excellent!
Great music, fireworks, lasers, and lots more made Luminosity one of the best live entertainment offerings in the park!