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Cedar Point After Dark!
  Night photography is something I've done a lot more of in the years since I started doing digital photography. I taught myself everything I know about Manual HDR photography by doing night photos of Amtrak. I took what I learned from that and applied it to photographing roller coasters and other stuff at Cedar Point! Included here is a collection of photos I took, mostly on the final night the park was open for 2014 as I had made an unplanned third trip to the park since the weather didn't cooperate the previous two nights. This is some of my favorite photography, so I always save it for last! Have fun!!!
Taken in May 2014, this photo of the skyline of the park was taken from Battery Park in Sandusky. Not long after I took this photo,
I found myself running back to my car in the pouring rain with a 15 pound camera bag and a tripod in tow!
The Cedar Point entrance sign located outside of the park at the corner of Cleveland Road (U.S. 6) and Cedar Point Drive.
The banners between the polls get changed every year.
The Gemini Midway all lit up, featuring Pipe Scream and Lake Erie Eagles with the Monster and the new Slingshot ride at the far end!
The other end of the Gemini Midway. Pipe Scream is conveniently located behind Top Thrill Dragster!
Now at the Frontiertown end of the Frontier Trail, the lighting in those trees made for some very interesting photos and Millennium Force joined in as well!
The sign labeled "Screamworks" was part of the "Maniacal Mechanical Screamworks" which was a haunted attraction for HalloWeekends that included fog
and "screamsters" along the Frontier Trail. The night I was here to get these photos, the Halloween events had ended for the season but the lighting was
still set up so I knew I needed to get pictures of this! Strangely enough, I came up with the idea for these photos when I was walking up the Frontier Trail
on Friday night in the pouring rain!!! Moral of the story: sometimes the strangest things will draw inspiration for a photo!
All I kept thinking was WOW when I saw those neon lights shining up in the trees!!!
Is this cool, scary, strange or what???
By day, you can go gemstone mining here, by night, you can experience some very interesting lighting!
Millennium Force is carefully hidden behind those trees!
Two hills on Millennium Force whose track goes over the Frontier Trail. If you like riding this coaster by day, you should try it after the sun sets!!!
Former CP&LE Railroad #3 "Albert" which is now on display next to what is known as the Cedar Junction Marketplace which is a food & beverage stand.
This locomotive is a product of the Davenport Locomotive Works of Davenport, IA, built in 1910.
Looking north from the south end of the Frontier Trail next to the Red Garter Saloon which is one of the live entertainment venues in the park.
A view of the Blue Streak all lit up!
Another view of Blue Streak. That goofy shadow of a person next to the camera in the bottom left of the photo is yours truly! This was the last photo
I was able to get before the park would close for the season.
  Once again, Cedar Point is nothing short of a world class park. I keep saying this every year but there's something about this place that just keeps me coming back every year, multiple times!!! I said before, this was my third trip to the park in 2014 and I'll definitely be back for the opening of the new coaster "Rougarou" next May and no doubt, I'll be back here again in 2015 riding Amtrak to get here as well! If you've never been here before, you need to see this place for yourself! Because of my third visit to the park being today, this year would be the first in the 23 years I've been coming here that I was here both on Opening Day and Closing Day. I had actually come here after having spent the day in Fostoria, OH railfanning which is where you'll be going next on this awesome journey. I hope you enjoyed the photos of CP! For more information about everything Cedar Point, check out their official web site by clicking the link below. See ya next in Fostoria!!!