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Cedar Point Celebrates 50 Years Of The Blue Streak
  Cedar Point celebrated the 50th Anniversary of Blue Streak, the oldest coaster in the park! I still remember my first visit to the park in 1992 and eating lunch in the picnic pavilion next to this coaster and just thinking how cool it will be to ride this ride! This is a super fun out-and-back wooden coaster that got its name from Sandusky High School - Home of the Blue Streaks! It originally operated unpainted but would later be painted a two-tone blue paint scheme. Included here are photos of this classic coaster which is just as much fun to ride today as it was when it first opened, along with some cool trivia, Enjoy...
Blue Streak's train heads down the first hill reaching a top speed of 40mph!
Blue Streak's classic wooden track and ride structure.
Another super fun classic coaster ride experience at CP!
Now on the way back to the loading station we see Blue Streak and one of its impressive hills!
Blue Streak's loading station, the place where guests have been boarding this coaster for the last 50 years. Here's to 50 more!!!