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Cedar Point Celebrates 25 Years Of The Magnum XL-200
  In 2014, Cedar Point celebrated the 25th Anniversary of the Magnum XL-200 Roller Coaster. This coaster was the tallest and fastest in the world when it opened in 1989. As the title graphic says above, this is by far, my absolute favorite coaster in the world. I had the honor and privilege of working on the ride crew for this coaster when I worked at Cedar Point back in 2001. I got to learn just about everything there is to know about it. Though today it's no longer the record holder or the tallest coaster in the park itself (there are actually two other coasters at CP that are taller, Millennium Force and Top Thrill Dragster), it is still just plain fun to ride over and over again! You get the most amazing view of Lake Erie when you reach the top of the lift hill and on a clear day, you can even see Canada! Included on this page are photos taken mostly from this year but from other years as well of this amazing ride along with some cool trivia, Enjoy...
Some anniversary signage along with the Magnum sign at the ride's entrance which was placed here for the ride's 20th Anniversary in 2009.
Magnum's loading station, the place where you wait in great anticipation to ride one of the best coasters in the world!
A super wide view of Magnum's 205ft tall lift hill.
Magnum's amazing lift hill and 194ft first drop as seen from inside the Soak City water park. Having worked on this ride,
I have seen the view from the top and I can honestly say, the view is nothing short of spectacular!!!
LEFT: Magnum heading down its first drop where it will reach its top speed of 72mph at the bottom.
RIGHT: Heading back up the second hill with a top height of 157ft.
Magnum's second hill is an aforementioned 157ft tall as seen in this photo!
Magnum's third hill is 80ft tall as seen in this photo. That's 2 feet taller than Blue Streak's overall ride height!!! Oh ad I should also mention,
there's so much to do at Soak City, you could spend the better part of the day there!!!
As the coaster comes down from the 80ft hill, it enters the first of 3 tunnels!
Once the coaster comes out of its first tunnel, it enters a section of track called "the pretzel" named for its similar shape to the
ever popular snack! A set of trim brakes keeps the ride's speed in check as it enters this part of the track.
A wider view of the aforementioned "pretzel". The train rides some seriously banked curves here!
After coming out of the pretzel, Magnum enters another tunnel.
The layout of the pretzel almost gives the illusion of 3 tracks from this view!!!
After coming out of the second tunnel, here's one of the air time-producing bunny hills! Air time is a term for periods of "negative g-forces"!
Soak City surrounds a good chunk of the Magnum's trackage. Seen here is the Bubbles' Swim-Up Bar, and the name says it all in this 1999 view!
Rounding the bend and continuing through the bunny hills!
Heading over another bunny hill, we're getting towards the final tunnel before the end of the ride.
After going through one more tunnel, the ride is slowed down and heads back to the loading platform. In this view, we see one train heading back
to the station as another has just departed with another group of thrill-seekers!
The sun setting behind the Magnum in 1999 during the ride's 10th year. May Magnum have many many more years and anniversaries ahead!!!