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Cedar Point Celebrates 20 Years Of The Raptor
  In 2014, Cedar Point celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Raptor roller coaster. This ride is located in the front of the park along the main midway and features a total of six inversions! I can still remember waiting 2 1/2 hours to ride it in 1994 during its first season, and the wait was worth every minute! This ride is just plain awesome, even after 20 years! It's builder, Bolliger & Mabillard has now built a total of three coasters for Cedar Point, with this one being the first and the other two being Mantis and GateKeeper. Included here are photos taken over the years of this world class coaster along with some interesting trivia about the ride! Enjoy...
This 2006 view of the Raptor shows the commanding presence it has on the main midway! This view was taken from the
Space Spiral which operated its final season at Cedar Point in 2012.
This 2013 view of Raptor's 137ft tall lift hill shows this is one very impressive coaster!
Hiding behind the tree on Opening Day 2014 is Raptor heading down its first drop from the lift hill!
That is one awesome loop, and the french fries for sale underneath the ride ain't bad either!!!
LEFT: Raptor just after getting to the top of the lift hill. RIGHT: You are just about flying!!!
This 2001 view of the ride shows its signature "Cobra-Roll" which provides 2 of the ride's 6 inversions!!!
2 more views of this awesome flying experience!
Another signature piece to Raptor in this 2010 view, the zero-gravity roll!
Getting towards the end of the ride, what an experience!!!
This coaster is just as fun to ride at night as during the day!