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A View Of Chicago From The Air!!!
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2005:
Seeing Chicago From The Air!
Well ...Almost!!!
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
   After taking the bus up Michigan Avenue, I headed over to the John Hancock Building so as to see Chicago from it's observatory (This building's top floor is 1000 feet up, so you might as well say the view is from the "air"!) The observatory has just finished a multi-million dollar renovation and is definitely worth a trip if you have some time to spend between trains in Chicago! The photos below will take some time to load on a dial-up connection but I really felt there was no better way to display how much you really see from this high up so please be patient on the loading times of the photos, you'll enjoy what you see...
Looking North, the road along Lake Michigan is Lake Shore Boulevard.
Navy Pier, another place I need to visit on a future trip to Chi-Town!
Looking South, the tallest building in this photo is the AON Center.
A view looking West.
A Wide Angle View encompassing Downtown Chicago with the AON Center on the left side of the photo and the Sears Tower on the right. You will be truly amazed by what you see when you come to visit the Hancock Observatory!!!
   I spent about a hour in the Observatory and also checked out the many displays that showcase everything Chicago. There are also plenty of interactive exhibits along with an open air skywalk where you can experience why they call Chicago, "The Windy City". After I finished visiting here, I caught another bus back to Union Station and went over to Roosevelt Avenue to get in a little more railfanning before heading home.