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Quick Stop At Roosevelt Ave. - Chicago - November 2nd, 2005
Fall Amtrak Vacation Trip 2005:
Quick Stop At Roosevelt Avenue
One Of Chicago's Best Railfanning Spots
Wednesday, November 2nd, 2005
   After leaving the John Hancock Building and catching another #151 CTA Bus back to Union Station, I decided since I still had about an hour or so of daylight left to take the 20 minute walk out to Roosevelt Ave and get in a little railfanning there before sunset. Below are couple photos of what I saw while railfanning there...
Both views of the World Famous Sears Tower with an Amtrak Hiawatha Train just leaving Union Station.
Both photos were taken just minutes before sunset which at this time of the year was around 5:30pm.
Superliner I Snack Coach #35006 sitting in the Coach Yards with the setting sun shining on...
Amtrak SW10 (SW1000R) #790 working in the yard.
Amtrak Train #5 - The California Zephyr departing Chicago on it's way West with P42DC #167 on the lead.

   After leaving Roosevelt Avenue, I went over to the nearby Baskin Robins at the corner of Canal St & Roosevelt and had a brownie sundae and a Diet Pepsi before walking back to Union Station. I arrived back there a good 90 minutes before my train was to depart. I grabbed my luggage and looked for a seat near an AC Outlet as we would be waiting near Gate C to board Train #48. I finally found a seat near a plug so as to plug in my Cell Phone and Laptop, meanwhile I kindly shared one of the 2 plugs with another passenger who would be traveling to Albany, NY on the same train as me as she wanted to also charge up her Laptop. This would be a really good thing for the folks at Union Station to consider, putting in some more AC outlets for us "modern" passengers would be welcome. I had a nice conversation with someone waiting to board Train #50 - The Cardinal as he was heading home to Kentucky. I also played quite a few games of Tetris on my laptop to pass the time away. Around 7:30pm, boarding started for my train, #48 - The Lake Shore Limited, check out my final leg of the trip by clicking below...