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Los Angeles, CA Photos

Coming into Los Angeles on the Surfliner!

Making the turn into Los Angeles Union Station.
Private Car "Pacific Sands", a Pullman Sleeper located just outside Union Station.

Private Car "Tioga Pass" also in storage outside the station.

Former Boston & Maine Pullman Sleeper "Salisbury Beach" is also here as well along with several other private cars.
A Metrolink commuter train departing Union Station as we arrive.
Surfliner Train #774, my train that day, seen taking a breather in Los Angeles Union Station on October 31st, 2008.
Another Surfliner train a few tracks over from our train.
Another Surfliner train having just arrived. I'm sort of reminded of Albany-Rensselaer station
seeing all these trains like this but it's much much colder there this time of the year!!!
Once leaving Los Angeles, the trains pass through the 8th Street Yard complex and maintenance shops.
Seen here is P42 #141 getting serviced. All of the yard photos were taken from the window of the train.
Another shot of the engine service area. (Reminder, these photos were not all taken on the same day.)
Superliner I Sightseer Lounge #33019 in the yard.
A car servicing facility with some Superliners in for work along with a Surfliner coach.
2 F59's at the 8th Street Yard complex.
F59PHI #455 now in an Operation Lifesaver paint scheme!
The roundhouse at Redondo Junction with some Amtrak power resting and underneath that gray tarp is
Santa Fe 4-8-4 Steamer #3751!!!
Another shot of #3751, oh how I wish I could have seen that steamer running!!!
One final wide view of the Redondo roundhouse with the Los Angeles skyline in the background.