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Fullerton, CA Photos
Fullerton station, a National Historic Landmark, and former Santa Fe passenger station.

Having just arrived in Fullerton on Train #774, here's a general view from the platform.

Departing Fullerton for points south to San Diego is Train #774.
Overhead view of Fullerton station taken from the pedestrian bridge.

Train #573 leaving Fullerton. This is one beautiful station and a great place for railfanning!


Private car "Silver Splendor" which is based at Fullerton. It's a former CB&Q Dome Lounge car. On the day I visited,
I talked with the owner of the car as he and an assistant were installing a generator underneath it.

Former Santa Fe #1389, a lounge car also based in Fullerton. According to the owner, this car never went to Amtrak.
This caboose along with 2 others are stored in Fullerton. Note the "McCain-Palin" election sign on the
end of the passenger car as I was in town the weekend before Election Day!
To all you model railroaders in cyberspace: Here is LIVING PROOF of where Atlas came up with their idea for "Snap Track"!!!
A Metrolink commuter train in Fullerton.
One of the many dozens of BNSF freights that pass by Fullerton each day.
The Old Spaghetti Factory restaurant located inside this former Union Pacific passenger station
that was actually moved to this location, and by the way, the food is good too!!!