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Fall Railfanning Trip - A Day At Cedar Point - October 19th, 2002

Fall 2002 Railfanning Trip:
A Day At Cedar Point Amusement Park
Saturday, October 19th, 2002

Cedar Point's Magnum XL-200 - Opened in 1989
A 205 ft "Hypercoaster" designed by Arrow Dynamics Of Utah.
I had the privilege of working on this ride in 2001.

   Saturday Morning, I woke up at my hotel and ran over to McDonald's for breakfast before heading back to the hotel, grabbing my camera bag and MiniDisc Player and taking a nice walk through Sandusky to a facility where I visited some former coworkers from my Cedar Point days of 2001. I later took a taxi to Cedar Point and spent the entire day there. In this section is a few photos I took of their new attraction for 2002, Wicked Twister and a few other things. Cedar Point was in the middle of its HalloWeekends Event which had some great Haunted Houses, a foggy and scary attraction called the "Fright Zone", as well as a great Magic Show by Illusionist Aaron Radatz. This would be the 11th year in a row that I would be visiting Cedar Point, and every year, this place just gets better and better! Below is a few photos I took plus a couple from some past trips, enjoy...
Cedar Point's new roller coaster for 2002 is Wicked Twister, a twisting Double Impulse Coaster. This model is the largest of its kind in the world as was designed by Intamin AG of Switzerland.
To The Left is three rides in one photo, Wicked Twister, The Giant Wheel and Disaster Transport, an enclosed bobsled type coaster. To The Right is Cedar Point's new thrill ride for 2003, under construction on the day I visited. At the time this travelogue was written, the official name of this ride and its details were not yet released by the park.
Two views of Raptor, a 4-seat across coaster that opened in 1994. Designed by Bolliger & Mabillard, this coaster features 6 inversions and gives you the feeling you're flying in an F-14!

Corkscrew - Opened in 1976, this was the first coaster in the world to have 3 inversions.

Millennium Force - The Tallest Roller Coaster in North America, standing at 310 feet,
it broke 10 world records when it opened in May of 2000.

Schwabinchen - A Spinning Ride built in 1970 that ran its final season at Cedar Point in 2002.

   I spent the following day, Sunday, October 20th, resting in the hotel room, taking a walk though town and visiting a coworker from Cedar Point. I also ran into a couple more in the nearby Tops Market in town. Sandusky hasn't changed much since I lived there. I did find that one music store I used to shop at frequently had gone out of business but other than that, not much different. Later that evening, I rested or at least tried to, for a few hours before getting ready to check out of the hotel and begin the next part of my trip, riding to Albany on Amtrak! To continue, click in the table below...