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The Silver Rails Vineyards
  On 40 acres of land behind the Depot Inn & Suites sits the Silver Rails Vineyards. This vineyard is only in its infancy now but there are plans in the works eventually to have a wine tasting room and a venue for weddings/events in the vineyard. The grape varieties that are planted here include red grapes such as Crimson Cabernet, Norton (The Official Missouri State Grape), Teroldego and Zinthiana. White grapes planted here include Aphrodite, Cabernet Dore, Chardonel, and Valvin Muscat. The grape plants selected for these vineyards are better suited to handle the colder Missouri winter months and in some cases are crosses between two grapes. A few examples of this would be as follows: The Crimson Cabernet is a cross between the Norton and Cabernet Sauvignon and is similar to a Cabernet or Merlot. The Cabernet Dore is also a cross between the Cabernet Sauvignon and Norton and is similar to a Sauvignon Blanc. The Zinthiana is a cross between the Norton and Zinfandel. Also, the Teroldeog is a Vinifera Grape from Northern Italy which has a climate that is similar to that of Missouri so it should grow well in this part of the country. Special thanks goes to Steve Grande for the information on the varieties of grapes that will be grown here! I took a few photos of the beginning of what will someday be some world class vineyards that provide grapes for some of the best wine in Silver Rails Country! I hope someday to have a nice glass of vino from here on a future trip!
  These vineyards were only recently planted in the last year or so.  
  A view of the vineyards looking south towards the railroad tracks which are beyond those woods towards the back of this photo.  
  Although there are other wineries in the area, this is the start of another "Napa Valley"!  
  Another view inside the vineyards!  
  Trying a little "artistic" photography showing one of the many grape vines using a larger aperture so the entire background is out of focus.  
  This kind of photography is actually kinda cool!  
  OK one more! I wish everyone involved in this project all the best of luck. I'm very much looking forward to having a glass of wine from these grapes
someday on a future trip to visit Silver Rails Country! Before I head out of here, let's check out some night photography!