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Night Photos From Silver Rails Country
  If you've read my travelogues over the years, you know I love doing HDR night photography! The challenges it presents and that fact that you can stand to make some very interesting photos using this concept are reasons why this is some of my favorite photography! Included here is a collection of night photos taken during my visit to Silver Rails Country!
  Amtrak's Train #3 - The Southwest Chief during its station stop at La Plata. This photo was taken from the La Plata Rail Lookout using an 18-250mm
zoom lens with the camera mounted on a tripod, using a cable release (the way most of my night photos like this are done).
  This photo (taken on a different day than the one above) of the Southwest Chief shows the train at the station stop at the La Plata Amtrak Station.  
  A wide-angle view of the Depot Inn & Suites as seen from N. Brown Street.  
  A closer view of the lobby portion of the Depot Inn.  
  The main hotel portion of the Depot Inn. I love that railroad signal light!  
  The Exhibition Of Amtrak History, taking a "nap"!  
  Well, just like my last trip here in 2012, these three days in Silver Rails Country were amazing! My thanks goes out to every member of the staff at the Depot Inn & Suites that I had spoken with while there including Alyse, Heather, Holly, Andrea, Jan, and Jordon. I apologize if I didn't get everyone's name, but you all should be very proud of your hotel, it's truly a world class property! Special thanks to Bob & Amy Cox, it was nice visiting with you both while here! Also thank you Shivam from for the tour of the TrainParty facilities! Special thanks goes also to Rick Rudd from the Northeastern Missouri Model Railroad Club, thanks to you and your crew for the visit to see your excellent model train layout! And finally, thank you to Steve Grande from TrainWeb, thank you for everything you did for me while I was here, and for providing such an excellent host for this web site now for the past 15 years! Honestly, I wished I had three more days to spend here, but like any of my big Amtrak trips, there's only so much time to get everything in, so now it was time for me to move onto my next destination, which would involve taking the "long way" to Los Angeles, and eventually San Diego. To find out more about everything Silver Rails Country, check out the link below. To get to the west coast, we first have to go EAST! Yes, I know it might not make much sense, but this trip like all others is really focused on train travel, so let's head back to the La Plata Amtrak Station one last time to begin the next leg of this cross-country journey!