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The Silver Rails Event Center & Memorial Library
  The Silver Rails Event Center & Memorial Library provide a great event hall for everything from a train show to a wedding reception! I took a drive over here to photograph it as well as visit with Bob and Amy Cox who were there when I arrived. The facility features a full bar and kitchen, as well as a stage for a head table at a wedding reception or for a DJ to set up for an event. The hall holds anywhere from 50 to 350 people. The building was originally built in 1890 and opened as the Event Center in 2008. The building's conversion into its current form was overseen by Tom Mashall, the original builder of the Depot Inn & Suites. Included here are photos taken of this excellent facility along with the library which was moved here recently from its prior location on nearby Gex Street in La Plata. Special thanks goes to Steve Grande and Bob Cox for historical information about this facility. Enjoy...
  Very nice use for a baggage cart! This one is located at the corner of E. Moore St. and S. Brown St. near the event center.  
  The event center building once housed a truck repair facility and prior to that, a Chevrolet dealership.  
  The railroad signal lights and other railroad memorabilia on the walls show off the train theme very well. The hall features a large garage door
so as to bring in larger equipment for things like train shows.
  The train mural on the wall behind the stage looks awesome!!!  
  The event center features a large floorplan that can house many different types of events.  
  Another view of the large floor plan of the event center.  
  Booth-style seating is also available and provides a place to sit and relax while attending an event here.  
  Some railroad memorabilia on the wall near the rest rooms.  
  The event center also features full bar service and a prep kitchen.  
  Around the back side of the event center is the Silver Rails Gallery & Memorial Library which recently moved here from a separate location on nearby
Gex Street. As of the time of my visit, this area was under construction if you will, but I was able to get some photos of what is currently here.
  The Silver Rails Memorial Library consists of hundreds of railroad-related books and manuals. The booth tables will remain here as they
provide a good space to relax and read.
  A dispatcher's board donated by the San Diego Model Railroad Museum in Balboa Park.  
  The library also features a gift shop with books, golf shirts and more. Now let's go check out some model trains
at the Northeastern Missouri (NEMO) Model Railroad Club!