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The Northeastern Missouri (NEMO) Model Railroad Club
  Located inside the La Plata Amtrak Station, the Northeastern Missouri Model Railroad Club (also known as the NEMO Model Railroad Club) features a multi-level HO Scale model train layout. The layout is open to the public during special events in the area and also will host guests on Tuesday nights from 7:00-8:30pm. This club was also one of the groups that was instrumental in the restoration of the station building in the late 1990's. Special thanks goes to Bob Cox for information about this group and Rick Rudd from the NEMO Model RR Club for showing me the layout itself. Included here are photos taken of this excellent layout...
  The layout features two levels and models various industries and mostly features Santa Fe trains but other railroads are represented.  
  The layout has a double-track mainline and some steep grades going from one level to another.  
  More industries on the top level and a small yard on the lower level.  
  A cold storage facility.  
  Two different eras of the Santa Fe Railway represented here on the top level and some modern stack train freight action on the lower level.  
  An alternate view of the same scene as above.  
  Many industries on this railroad!  
  A stack train passes by interlockings on the lower level. The small freight station in the far left of the photo and the switch tower in the far right in the
background are the same as models that I used to have on my own HO Scale layout when I was a kid!
  Some Union Pacific power along with some Norfolk & Western power, model railroads let you run virtually whatever you want on your railroad!  
  I wonder if the train these passengers are waiting for is late?  
  Lots of trains, both freight and passenger on this railroad!  
  More interlockings in this part of the railroad. I need to get back into model trains again!  
  More factories and that Santa Fe bay-window caboose is cool! As a young kid, Santa Fe was my favorite railroad, as young adult, it was Conrail!
Take a wild guess what it is today??? Hint: This entire web site exists because of it, yep, Amtrak!!! Let's go see Amtrak at the Rail Lookout!