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Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Photos At San Diego, CA At Night
  After driving back to Solana Beach, I decided that one thing I really wanted to do was get a night photo of a Pacific Surfliner train at San Diego. Checking out the schedule, I decided to walk to the station this time rather than driving (I need the exercise!), then would ride a Coaster commuter train which cost $11.00 for a round-trip ticket from Solana Beach to San Diego. Once I arrived, I set up the camera and tripod (I had advised a member of the station security team of this and was given no problems by anyone), having arrived shortly after sunset. Below are some photos taken on this mini-trip including the three Manual HDR night photos I got of the train and station. This is the type of photography that I absolutely love doing because every photo presents a unique challenge as no two are ever the same. Enjoy...
  Coaster commuter trains operate in push-pull mode like Amtrak however they "push" when heading south whereas Amtrak trains push going northbound.
This particular train had a banner advertisement for Panda Express, good Chinese food that we don't have back home!
  Coaster F59PHI #3001 has "pushing" duties on this train today.  
  Pacific Surfliner Train #591 at San Diego taken about 30 minutes after sunset with F59PHI #460 set to "push" this train back to Los Angeles.
In some ways, I feel like I traveled thousands of miles to get this picture!!!
  The beautiful San Diego Santa Fe station all lit up! F59PHI #464 was still there, it may be a protect unit.  
  A wider view of Train #591 with the extra F59PHI and a San Diego Trolley light-rail train in the station as well. I'm my own worst critic and I still
can't believe these three photos turned out like this!!! With that, let's head to Del Mar!