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Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Photos At Del Mar, CA
  For my last full day in southern California, I would head over to the nearby City of Del Mar, CA to get in some railfanning there. I would get photos near Powerhouse Park, Seagrove Park, as well as at the end of 11th Stree. Included here are pix taken during my visit here...
  The Del Mar Surf Station which today is not an active station on this mainline, having last been used in 1995 but is located right near Powerhouse and
Seagrove Parks in Del Mar and was built in 1912.
  Train #566 passes by the Del Mar Surf Station with F59PHI #461 leading this San Diego-bound train.  
  Train #573 crosses Coast Blvd. in Del Mar. This is actually a "quiet crossing" for these trains. Rather than the train activate its horn at the crossing,
there is a speaker located at the top of each of the crossing gate masts that broadcasts the sound of a train horn!
  Train #573 now passes the Del Mar station heading north.  
  A southbound Coaster commuter train crosses Coast Blvd.  
  A beach trail at Seagrove Park in Del Mar. This is looking north.  
  A Superliner I Coach is part of the consist of Train #777 which sorta snuck up on me at this spot by Seagrove Park.  
  Train #768 with F59PHI #461 heads north, riding literally right next to the ocean!  
  Train #572 has P42DC #25 for power. This photo was taken at the end of 11th St. in Del Mar.  
  Train #579 heads north with F59PHI #454.  
  Train #774 has F59PHI #458 for power, heading to San Diego from San Luis Obispo.  
  Another Coaster commuter train crosses Coast Blvd.  
  A Coaster commuter train going through CP Del Mar by Powerhouse Park. Now check out some more great photos taken on this trip!