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Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Photos At San Clemente, CA
  Located about 38 miles north of Solana Beach is the beach city of San Clemente, CA. San Clemente was home to the "Western White House" under former President Richard Nixon back in the late 1960's-early 1970's and is near Dana Point where the Pacific Surfliner route begins a close parallel run with the Pacific Ocean while heading towards San Diego from Los Angeles. While here, I would explore some familiar territory as well as some new spots for railfanning as a new trail has opened in the Vista Del Sol Park overlooking the mainline as well as the beautiful Pacific Ocean! I would spend about 4 1/2 hours here railfanning at a few different spots in this area, so without further ado, here are the photos...
  The first train of the day sorta snuck up on me, and this photo was taken at a grade crossing in the parking lot of the San Clemente Metrolink Station.
Amtrak does not use this station, rather they use a smaller station near the San Clemente Pier located south of here and only select trains stop there
throughout the day. Since this a northbound train, F59PHI #460 was "pushing" the train north.
  The platform of the San Clemente Metrolink Station looking south towards San Diego. You can see the San Clemente Pier vaguely in the background of
this photo on the right side. Palm trees, a train station next to the ocean, 70 degree weather in late-October, is it any wonder why I love coming here???
  Pacific Surfliner Train #566 passing by the Metrolink Station with F59PHI #458 leading. This train would make the station stop at San Clemente Pier
just south of where this photo was taken.
  And here would be the new spot I would get in some good railfanning, overlooking the ocean at the new trail at Vista Del Sol Park. The highway near
the ocean is known as North El Camino Real.
  Train #769, passing by San Clemente on its way north to Los Angeles and eventually Goleta, CA with F59PHI #453 pushing.  
  Dana Point, located north of San Clemente, this is the area where the Surfliner Route passes and begins to ride along the ocean.
A 18-250mm zoom lens was used to get this photo.
  To give perspective of where I am, the San Clemente Metrolink Station is south of this park and is seen in the far left of this photo. The surf today looks
good but I'm from New York, the only thing I know how to surf is the internet (my running bad joke since I've never gone surfing anywhere before!).
  Utilizing the aforementioned zoom lens, Train #769 arrives in the area heading to San Diego, having began its trip at Goleta, CA earlier this morning.  
  Another view of Train #768 which has F59PHI #459 for power.  
  Looking south at Train #768 with the pier visible in the upper left corner of this photo.  
  Heading north is Train #573, having just made its station stop at the San Clemente Pier station. F59PHI #455 was pushing the train north and
P42DC #160 was along for the ride, probably deadheading back to Los Angeles.
  A wide-angle view of Train #573.  
  The lucky Train #777 passes by the beach at San Clemente, I was standing on a flight of stairs at a "road crossing" to get this photo. The road crossing
is more of a pedestrian crossing that is protected by regular gates and lights as if it was an actual road crossing.
  Having began its day at San Luis Obispo, CA early this morning, Train #774 heads towards San Diego with F59PHI #454 leading.
Now lets go back to Solana Beach and San Diego for some night photos!