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Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Photos At San Diego, CA
  When I arrived in San Diego on Pacific Surfliner Train #564, I had the chance to do some photos of this train while parked by the beautiful San Diego Santa Fe Station. Included here are photos of it as well as the area near the station. I know this is a bit out of order, but these photos were actually taken in the morning when I first arrived in San Diego before heading up to Fullerton later that same day. I wanted to keep the railfanning photos separate from the train ride photos so this is how I organized them. Enjoy...
  Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Train #564 having just arrived at San Diego, CA with the Grande South Condominiums in the background.  
  These two tracks closer to the San Diego Station are used also by Coaster commuter trains. The tracks closest to the station are used by the
San Diego Trolley light-rail transit system.
  This walkway alongside the platform next to the condominiums features lots of flowers hanging from the ceiling and support posts!  
  Trying to be "artistic" with this photo, with the plants in the foreground in focus and the "Huntington Beach" coach blurred out in the background!  
  A different angle with F59PHI #461 from my train today with the Santa Fe Station in the background.  
  F59PHI #464 which was parked on an adjacent track at the San Diego station.  
  Trying to fit both F59's into one photo.  
  One of the things I love about photographing trains here is that beautiful southern California blue sky!!! This is one last look at Train #564
before it eventually heads back to Los Angeles as Train #573.
  Well here's some proof that there's no doubt who owned this station at one time! This Santa Fe name plate is on the platform as you walk towards
the station! Now, let's head out to San Clemente!