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Cedar Point's Newly Renovated Hotel Breakers
  Cedar Point began a 2 year renovation of its flagship 1905-built Hotel Breakers in 2013. The renovations involved reconstructing the road entrance as well as heavy renovation of the hotel's classic rotunda. As part of the project, rooms that previously were not available in the rotunda were remodeled and are now available. The beach entrance of the hotel underwent a complete reconstruction, removing the pool that was previously outside the entrance and replacing it with fire pits, tables and umbrellas. There is still an outdoor pool located in front of another section of the hotel called the "Breakers East" section. The 1926 Bon-Aire wing of the hotel which was previously located next to the 10-story Breakers Tower was also demolished during the renovation with the land now just an open lawn area. Included here are photos taken of the exterior of this hotel as well as a few interior photos showing the beautiful rotunda and lobby. These photos were taken during my Media Day/Opening Day trip in May 2015. So with that, enjoy some photos of this beautiful lakefront gem of a hotel...
  This retro-inspired sign greets you before you pull into the driveway for the Hotel Breakers.  
  The new, fully renovated entrance to the hotel. Historically, this was actually the "back" entrance and the "front" was actually the side of the hotel that
faces the lake. Reason being was that when this hotel was built, your only way to get to it was by taking a ferry boat from Sandusky to get here!
  The Bon-Aire Section of the hotel once stood here. It was demolished as part of the renovation with the Breakers Tower now forming the north end
of the property. I would anticipate some kind of commercial development of this land in the coming years as it wasn't used to add more parking.
  The other side of the Breakers Tower which opened in 1999. On the ground floor is a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant, good eats!!!  
  This section of the Hotel is the only original part that is still standing and it has been completely gutted and renovated down to the wall studs. You'll
see the inside of that rotunda in a bit, and I must applaud Cedar Point for having done such a beautiful job in remodeling this part of the hotel while
keeping the overall look relatively close to original. There is a 1905 photo used as a mural inside the hotel showing what it looked like back then.
  This is the "Breakers East" section which opened in 1995.  
  One of the new fire pits located outside the main section of the hotel. This area is technically
the front of the hotel which faces Lake Erie.
  Looking out at the "front" of the hotel at Lake Erie.  
  Now inside the hotel, this is an overhead view of the main lobby, the front desk is directly below where I stood to get this photo. The hotel
features on-site restaurants including Perkins, TOMO Hibachi, Domino's Pizza and Starbucks Coffee along with a gift shop.
  Now looking down in the area occupied by the rotunda. Nice wood floors!  
  Ever wondered what a rotunda looks like when you look up at one, wonder no more! Nice work CP!!!