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Trains, Coasters & More At CP In 2015!!!
  Cedar Point really has a little something for everyone and in 2015, this is as true as ever. Included here are photos taken of different parts of the park over my three visits here in 2015. I constantly refer to this place as my second home and that becomes more true with each passing year! I really can't get enough of this place, so at this time, here are some more great photos from the greatest amusement park in the known universe (if you ask me!)...
  Cedar Point's sign at the intersection of Cedar Point Drive and Cleveland Road (US 6). The banners between the polls get changed every year.  
  New for 2015 is the Sweet Spot candy shop. You'll find everything here from fudge to candy apples, a little something for everyone!  
  Hiding behind the bushes is Cedar Point's 310ft tall Giga-Coaster "Millennium Force" which celebrated 15 years in 2015!  
  A view from near the "yard" on the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad, we have a train just departing the Funway Station with a Vulcan Iron Works 1923-built
2-4-0 Steam Locomotive #44 "Judy K". In the yard behind #44 is CP&LE #1 the "G.A. Boeckling" which is a Davenport Locomotive Works 1927-built 2-4-0
steamer which is the "newest" locomotive in the fleet, having joined the railroad in 2013.
  Old Glory and Gatekeeper are always happy to meet you at the front entrance to the park!  
  Oh I can't wait for 2016 now!!! Here's info on Valravn which will be a 223ft tall dive coaster set to debut next season!  
  This area was once occupied by the "Good Time Theater" but was cleared out for what we now know will be the Valravn coaster!  
  Now you get to see up close and personal how big a piece of roller coaster track really is! This piece of Valravn's track was on display near
the ride's construction area. It's nothing short of amazing how much metal fabrication goes into building a roller coaster!
  Here is yours truly standing inside the piece of Valravn's track (for scale of course).  
  Over by the construction area, we see a piece of Valravn's track with running boards. This piece of track will go in the loading platform area.  
  Another piece of track already in place in the loading platform area.  
  Located outside the park near the Breakers Express hotel, CP was staging pieces of track for Valravn, yes, we're witnessing the birth of a new coaster!  
  Hiding behind some smoke from the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad is the first hill for Maverick, an awesome coaster in Frontiertown!  
  I don't know about you, but those pumpkins hanging from the trees look rather scary, in a cool way of course!  
  Got pumpkins??? CP placed thousands of them in this area of the park for HalloWeekends!  
  Returning for its 4th season at Cedar Point is Luminosity at Celebration Plaza. This show ran during the peak summer season at the park and features
CP's Live Entertainment singers and dancers performing hit music from yesterday and today. A great show and a great way to end your day at the park.
Wanna see some more night photos, check out the link below!!!