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Southern California Railfanning: Railfanning At Fullerton Station
  I checked out of the hotel in San Diego around 11:00am and started driving back towards Orange County. I decided to stop at a Chick Fil-A in Orange County for lunch since there is no better place for a chicken sandwich ANYWHERE! I then drove back to my Aunt and Uncle's house and dropped off my luggage. I then headed over to the Fullerton Amtrak station as I would participate in a meeting of a local contingent of railfans at the nearby Knollwood Restaurant. I headed over there after spending some time at the Fullerton Station and had dinner. After dinner and good times, a few of us headed back over to the Fullerton Station to see the Eastbound Southwest Chief arrive. I decided I was gonna try to get a night photo of the train so I set up the tripod and then realized that for some reason the previous day, I put my cable release in a pocket in another pair of shorts so I didn't end up having it that night when I needed it! Oops!!! So I ended up improvising and used a pen as a cable release! Oh well, it worked! Included here are photos taken during my late afternoon/evening at Fullerton, enjoy!!!
I noticed a fair amount of construction at the station when I arrived and among the upgrades were new
signals. They had yet to be placed into service which is why they're turned to the side.
An overhead view showing the new platform construction looking towards points east and south!
The main station facility at Fullerton, which is on the National Register of Historic Places!
A Southbound Metrolink Commuter Train headed for Oceanside.
You'll see lots of BNSF freights at Fullerton!
Train #582, bound for San Diego, taking a quick break at Fullerton.
A Northbound Metrolink arriving at Fullerton. Metrolink also operates in "push-pull" mode like Amtrak.
A few "cabeese" stored on the sidings at Fullerton.
Did I forget to mention somewhere that I love night photography? Here's the eastbound Southwest Chief
taking a break at Fullerton. I had to take this photo using a pen for a cable release due to my misplacing
my actual cable release. Oh well, you do what you have to if you want to get the shot! I think that pen
worked fairly well! Tonight's train had P42DC #47 on the head end, bound for Chicago.
Train #589 taking a break at Fullerton, headed for Los Angeles.
Again, a pen makes a good cable release when you need one!
Train #592 at its brief stop at Fullerton, bound for San Diego.
The station looks so nice all lit up at night!
  I eventually drove back to my Aunt & Uncle's house after spending a fair amount of time here and called it a day. Fullerton is a great place to see both Surfliner trains as well as a never-ending parade of BNSF freight traffic! I would have one more day left in Southern California before I would have to fly home so I figured I'd go back to San Clemente again because I had so much fun there a couple days ago! Check out the pix in the link below!!!