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Southern California Railfanning: More Railfanning At San Clemente
  I decided to spend part of my final full day in Southern Cal back in San Clemente. Unlike my first visit (which was on a Saturday), I had to fight some serious traffic on the freeways to get here. It was worth it though. Check out some photos from today!!!
The first train today was taken near El Portal, here we have northbound Train #769.
Next up, near Dije Ave, is southbound Train #768.
Remember that staircase I talked about during my first visit here? Well, now
I'm here during high tide and the bottom of the stairs are under water!!!
Next up is Train #563 at Dije Ave.
It's Monday, so Metrolink was also running today.
Next up is Train #572.
At Avenida Victoria, F59PHI #457, decorated up for the 10th Anniversary of the Pacific Surfliner
trains pushes Train #775 bound for Los Angeles and San Luis Obispo.
Finally, San Diego-bound Train #774 passing by the Metrolink San Clemente Station. That's all folks!!!
  This time around, no birds left their "calling card" on my camera thankfully! After spending part of my day here, I had lunch at Panda Express and drove back to my Aunt & Uncle's house to get ready for the trip home. Next up is a collection of pictures taken throughout the trip that well, didn't really fit anywhere else but I wanted to make sure I included them, check out the link below...