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More Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Coast Starlight
Portland Union Station. This station is on the National Register Of Historic Places.
Looking towards the station platform from outside Union Station. The tracks embedded in the street are
operated by TriMet, which is Portland's light-rail transit system.
Amtrak Cascades Train #516 with F59PHI #469 which was set to push this train south later today.
Cascades trains operate in "push-pull" mode just like the Pacific Surfliners.
Former F40, now NPCU (Non-Powered Control Unit) #90250 on the other end of Train #516.
Train #28 - The Empire Builder Portland Section which will leave later today with P42DC #133 on point.
Goodbye BNSF, hello Uncle Pete! We're now merging onto the Union Pacific Brooklyn Sub south of Portland.
Some very nice fall color just south of Portland.
I think I know what happened to my old car now!
Taking a break at Eugene-Springfield, OR.
Along the Willamette River.
Pork Tenderloins in a Brown Apricot Sauce with Mashed Potatoes & Rice Medley, delicious dinner!!!
Taking a break at Klamath Falls, OR.
One of the nicest cars in the Amtrak System, the Pacific Parlour Car.
Welcome to Emeryville, CA, connection to San Francisco!
Oakland - Jack London Square, CA.
Some mountains south of Oakland.
Taking a fresh-air break at San Jose, CA.
The Amtrak San Jose Diridon Station.
Its a tight fit, but one can fit all their gear in a Superliner Roomette!
Oh, and I hate touch pads on laptops, gimme my mouse!!!
Lots of farmland!