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Even More Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Coast Starlight
Lots of produce in the Salinas Valley area!
Taking a break at Salinas, CA.
The Salinas Oldtown Historic District Museum with Southern Pacific 0-6-0 Steamer #1237 on display.
Amtrak, may all your signals be green!!!
I feel like having a chicken caesar salad right about now!
Now getting close to Cuesta Grade, its starting to get hilly here!
California Highway 101 now entering the mountains!
That's one big valley!
Going over the grade!
This view from the Pacific Parlour Car is the best on the train!
Yes, we will be on that track eventually, its the same as the one we're on!
The California Men's Colony East Facility Prison near San Luis Obispo.
The other end of the Horseshoe Curve!
Going around the curve!
Looking back up at the track we were just on!
Taking a fresh-air break at San Luis Obispo, CA!
The platform at San Luis Obispo.
Taking a break at Santa Barbara, CA just before what would otherwise be sunset (it was cloudy today).
The Santa Barbara Amtrak Station, beautiful building!
A former Southern Pacific Business Car on display at Santa Barbara.
The car was placed here by the Fillmore & Western Railway in 2009.