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Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Capitol Limited
The Capitol Limited takes a break at Toledo, OH.
Going over South Commercial Avenue in South Chicago.
The Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90 & I-94) looking north, now you can see the Willis Tower!
The Chicago River.
Now entering Amtrak's Chicago Maintenance Facilities. Here we have a P32-8BWH, a P42DC
and a Ex-F40, now a "Cabbage" or Non Powered Control Unit.
P42DC #1, the very first one!!!
Another view of the Chicago facilities as we made our turn onto the BNSF main for our backup move.
Looking over at the end of the BNSF main which swings north from here towards Chicago Union Station.
I-90 & I-94, Roosevelt Avenue will be my next destination once I arrive at Union Station!
Looking back towards the Chicago shops while completing our backup move now on the BNSF main.
Another view of the Chicago shops. Most of the track was being rehabbed with stimulus money.