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A Visit To Chicago's Roosevelt Avenue
P32-8BWH #511 working in the Chicago Coach Yards.
Signs like this are posted throughout the country where work like this,
that is funded with stimulus money is being done.
GMTX GP38-2 #2194 leads 3 light units which were part of the equipment used in the yard rehab work.
Amtrak's Chicago Maintenance Facilities. Its good to see stimulus money go to revamp these facilities!
Metra's nearby coach yards.
Lincoln Service Train #300 with P42#184 on the lead arriving in Chicago.
Amtrak Train #58 - The City Of New Orleans, departing Union Station for servicing in the coach yard.
LEFT: Here's why I love this place!!! The great Willis Tower in the background behind Train #58 - The City Of New Orleans!
RIGHT: Train #49 - The Lake Shore Limited, running over an hour late this morning backing up into Union Station!
Another view of Train #49 backing into Union Station.
A Metra train departing past the Southgate Market which is located at the corner of Canal St. and Roosevelt.
  After spending a little over an hour here, I would make the walk back up Canal Street back towards Union Station. Once back at Union Station, I would have lunch at McDonald's, then run over to the nearby CVS/Pharmacy to pick up some Diet Pepsi and snacks for the sleeping car. I would then head back to the station and to the Metropolitan Lounge. I turned in my 2 claim checks for my 2 suitcases and would just hang out for a bit until our boarding call would be made. I would have some good conversations with other passengers waiting for their trains as well as a group of people visiting from England who would be riding on the California Zephyr today! An announcement was made by our Conductor to collect tickets for our train, then at about 1:35pm, the boarding call was made for Train #7/27 - The Empire Builder. Now its time to take a ride on one of Amtrak's premiere routes, The Empire Builder! Check out the link below...