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California Coastal Railfanning 2012: The Fullerton Amtrak Station
  After spending late morning at Emma Wood State Beach, I hopped in my 2012 Ford Fusion SEL rental car and drove to Fullerton (stopping by to visit family near there along the way) for a MeetUp group that was having their monthly meeting at the nearby Knowlwood Restaurant. There were a few railfans who were already there by the time I arrived, after about a 70 mile drive from where I started! I had originally looked at taking public transit this distance but the schedules just didn't work out so I drove. Once I arrived, I was recognized right away by Chris Guenzler who was also part of this MeetUp group, though I stuck out like a sore thumb being probably one of (if any) the only people in Southern California that day wearing a Buffalo Bills t-shirt!!! After some railfanning, everyone who was there for the MeetUp would head over to Knowlwood's (the food there is excellent and decently priced too, had a bacon burger that was absolutely delicious), then some railfans head back to the station to see the eastbound Southwest Chief. Check out some photos taken at this great station! Special thanks to Chris Guenzler for help with identifying some of the trains at Fullerton!
Metrolink Commuter Train #686 heading for Oceanside, arrives in Fullerton.
Another view of Metrolink Train #686. Their trains also operate in "push-pull" mode as the last car has a control stand in it for "push" mode.
A BNSF van train came flying through Fullerton as well, this one with GE ES44DC #7864 on the head end.
Southbound Amtrak California Pacific Surfliner Train #582 arriving in Fullerton with F59PHI #455 pulling the train towards San Diego.
Another view of Train #582. The sun was for the lack of a better word, in totally the wrong part of the sky for photography,
but oh well, we can't control everything right???
The Knowlwood Restaurant in Fullerton. Good eats!!! This is where the MeetUp group would well, meet up!
I couldn't leave Fullerton without doing some night photography!!! After a good dinner and good times at Knowlwood's Restaurant, I got
out the tripod and set up this night photo of the Southwest Chief which had P42DC #201 on the head end, headed for Chicago.
  After dinner, I hung out at the Fullerton station with a few other railfans waiting for the Southwest Chief to arrive which left Los Angeles over an hour late! Pacific Surfliner Train #790 had also come through Fullerton and was the ride home for one of the railfans from the MeetUp group. I said goodbye to the remaining few railfans who were still at the station after Train #790 left and made the 70 mile drive back to Oxnard which was uneventful, and so ends today. I would make one serious drive north tomorrow to see a hidden gem of a beach up near Lompoc, CA in Santa Barbara County, check out photos from Jalama Beach in the link below!!!