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More Photos Taken Along The Route Of Amtrak's Southwest Chief
Time for a late dinner in the dining car upon departing La Plata, MO. Tonight, I had the herb roasted half chicken!!!
At Kansas City Union Station, Train #3 takes a break with P42DC #125 on the head end. Kansas City is a service stop/crew change
point for the Southwest Chief. Missouri River Runner Train #313 is seen to the right of this photo (the car with the marker lights).
Amtrak Missouri River Runner Train #313 was also at Union Station with P42DC #86 leading.
This train would go back to St. Louis the following morning as Train #314.
LEFT: The last coach on the Southwest Chief with the famous "Western Auto" sign all lit up! The sign is set up on top of the building that
once housed the now defunct chain of auto part stores' corporate headquarters. Western Auto was absorbed into what is now Advance
Auto Parts and their headquarters building is now loft apartments but the famous sign still stands. RIGHT: A wide-angle view of both the
Southwest Chief and Missouri River Runner trains at Union Station.
Time for breakfast the next morning! Railroad French Toast and pork sausage patties with the omnipresent Diet Pepsi, good eats!!!
Now in Colorado, we pass the John Martin Reservoir on the Arkansas River not long after sunrise!
Welcome to La Junta, CO! This is another service stop and crew change point for the Southwest Chief!
The Southwest Chief taking a break at La Junta, CO on a very cold October 19th, 2012!
Parked a couple tracks over in the yard was a military train!
Amtrak's station in La Junta, CO. The sign above the station doors says "Welcome To The City Of La Junta, Colorado -
A Great Place To Live...A Great Place To Work"
A view looking west from La Plata Station, standing outside next my car on this train which was the Transition Sleeper!
Lots of farmland and cattle ranches in southeastern Colorado!
Antelope running wild and free!!!
Probably the only building on that road for miles!!!
One of many farms along the route!
Passing by an old blacksmith shop and a junk yard, getting close to Trinidad, CO.
More farm houses along the way!
A small industry using an old boxcar as an office???
Coming into Trinidad, CO, this is their rendition of the "Hollywood" sign!
Amtrak's station stop at Trinidad, CO. There used to be a nice former Santa Fe passenger station here though that was demolished
years ago when an improvement project on Interstate 25 (elevated highway in the background) was completed.
I don't know why, but I want to eat here someday! Pepe's Tacos is is making me hungry!
Central Park...In Trinidad that is!
This train has a serious fan base with the residents who live near the railroad, or so it would seem by this photo!!!
It would appear Ed's Tavern probably served its last Coors Beer long ago! This is on County Road 69 in Starkville, CO.
A line from the movie "City Slickers" comes to mind... Billy Crystal says "Out there, are cows...and plenty of them"!!!
Riding along the old Santa Fe trail, getting close to Raton Pass and the State of New Mexico!
A classic Santa Fe signal light as seen through the roofline windows in the Sightseer Lounge!
Now passing through the Dick Wootton Ranch and the Old Santa Fe Trail as the sign says!