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Coasters & More: CP Has It All!!!
The Magnum XL-200 coaster serves as a backdrop to a Spinosaurus which serves as a plug for the Dinosaurs Alive attraction!
The late day autumn sun shines against the top of Top Thrill Dragster's 420ft tall tower!
LEFT: Power Tower in the fading daylight. This photo was taken shortly before sunset. RIGHT: Top Thrill Dragster's tower.
Corkscrew, the first roller coaster in the world to have 3 inversions with Power Tower in the background.
LEFT: Iron Dragon flies over a houseboat connected to the haunted attraction "Blood On The Bayou".
RIGHT: A wide-angle view of Power Tower, now that's awesome!!!
Snoopy getting the spotlight during the HalloWeekends parade!
This entire area is being rebuilt after this year as a new roller coaster is coming to CP in 2013!!!
LEFT: You have a total of 4 rides in this photo! Giant Wheel, Wicked Twister, Disaster Transport (building with the 12E on it) and Troika.
RIGHT: Giant Wheel with Wicked Twister hiding behind it along with Disaster Transport and the Space Spiral on the far right. 2012 would
mark the last year of operation for Disaster Transport (originally opened as "Avalanche Run" in 1985), and Space Spiral which opened in
1965. As of when this travelogue went online, both rides have been demolished and GateKeeper, a new winged coaster is being built and
will not only occupy the land both these rides once had, but will span over the new main entrance gates at the front of the park. These
photos were taken on June 8th, 2012. I'll definitely have to get back to this spot next year to photograph the area again!
This is the construction area for GateKeeper's lift hill as of October 12th, 2012.
Finally, here's an artist's rendering of this incredible new ride! I think you know where I'll be next year!!! Especially with another
world record-breaking coaster in the park! Now let's check out CP after dark, shall we???