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Cedar Point After Dark 2012 Edition
  If you've read my travelogues in recent years, you'll know night photography is something I love to do and photographing CP's amazing rides at night falls in line with that as well. Included here is some night photography taken during my visits to this park this year! These photos are best viewed by those not afraid of the dark! Enjoy...
The Cedar Point entrance sign at the end of Cedar Point Drive as seen the night before Opening Day 2012.
The new lighting package on the Giant Wheel as seen on Opening Day 2012 after sunset!
Millennium Force's 310ft tall lift hill. You will never question the laws of physics again after riding this giga-coaster!!!
LEFT: A wide-angle view of Top Thrill Dragster's impressive 420ft tall tower.
RIGHT: The houseboat in front of the "Blood On The Bayou" entrance.
The lift hill of twin coaster Gemini with Top Thrill Dragster's tower in the background.
During HalloWeekends, Cedar Point pays tribute to rides that have "passed on" over the years. In this view is the short-lived VertiGo
which only operated for a few months in 2001 along with the classic Earthquake ride and a recently "departed" Disaster Transport.
Top Thrill Dragster in the foreground with Mantis in the background. The on-ride camera system has a flash that goes off when taking
photos which allowed for this "ghost image" of the coaster train as it went by the camera. This photo was in-fact, a time exposure.
Taking advantage of the "ghost image" created by Dragster's on-ride photo camera flash, I moved closer to the ride to get another
view of the train shortly after being launched out of the station. Hope you enjoyed CP in 2012, now let's head for Chicago!
  After spending 2 days at the park, my original plan was to spend Sunday railfanning somewhere in the area but due to bad weather (rain and strong winds) I ended up just spending most of Sunday relaxing in the hotel. I did stop by an old facility I worked at when I worked for Cedar Point 11 years ago to visit some former co-workers and had lunch at a DQ Grill & Chill before spending the afternoon color-correcting pictures from this trip in the hotel room and eventually having dinner at Chili's while paying close attention to my phone as my Buffalo Bills were playing the Arizona Cardinals and the game was not televised in Sandusky. The Bills won by the way, 19-16 in overtime! I then ran to Wal-Mart to get some last-minute groceries before driving back to Enterprise to turn in the rental car. Once I turned in the car and dropped the keys in the safe there, I called a taxi to bring me back to the hotel. Due to significant wait times from the cab companies, I decided to just walk back to my hotel, some 5 miles away. After finally getting back to the hotel, I did some laundry and "tried" to get some sleep with little to no success. After the laundry was done and packed, I again tried to sleep until 2:45am with again, little to no success and so ends today. My next destination on this trip will be Chicago, and from there, La Plata, MO. Click in the graphic towards the bottom of this page to continue this cross-country journey!!!