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Cedar Point Presents Luminosity
  Another of Cedar Point's new attractions for 2012 is "Luminosity" Powered By Pepsi, a music and light show at the new "Celebration Plaza" which is located on the Main Midway in front of the Iron Dragon roller coaster. For many years, Cedar Point had a laser light show nightly during the peak summer months which was a great experience in itself. For 2012 however, the park invested $8 million in a new, much larger stage area to accommodate this new show. I've been visiting this park for 21 years and never before, have I ever seen a show like this! The show runs for about 45 minutes and features current pop music and dancing performed by members of CP's Live Entertainment department mixed in with songs performed by the original artists as well. The show features fireworks, lasers, and flame throwers throughout! The show closes out with a futuristic DJ who does his show from a raised platform in front of the main stage (now that's a gig I think I'd like to have just once, after all I am a DJ myself!). People were still out dancing and having a great time as long as an hour after the park closed the night I was there! I had the privilege of attending Opening Night of this show on June 8th, 2012 so the photos you see here were taken then. On the opening night, I said "History was made in Sandusky, OH tonight!" I felt like a one-man production company taking these photos which were taken with an 18-200mm lens at a very high ISO. This would be the first concert I ever photographed. If you love pop music, you need to see this show! Enjoy...
The new stage at "Celebration Plaza", this photo was taken about 23 minutes before the show started as they started the show a little
later than normal due to extended daylight in June.
Once the show started, the fog machines and lasers kicked in and the music was cranked up!
CP's Live Entertainment dancers and singers were excellent!
I've never seen lighting effects like this before! These pictures only tell part of the story, you need to see this live to really experience it!
The back of the stage features multiple levels where more musicians are set up to contribute their part to the show!
CP did an incredible job with every aspect of this show!
The show concludes with an incredible display of fireworks as shown in this wide-angle view!
After the main portion of the show ends, a "futuristic" DJ takes over with his system set up on a raised platform in front of the stage.
People were still there at 11:00pm and the park closed at 10! Hope you enjoyed photos from this incredible show, now let's go ride!