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Cedar Point Presents Dinosaurs Alive
  One of Cedar Point's new attractions for 2012 is "Dinosaurs Alive" on Adventure Island which features full-size animatronic dinosaurs that move around (slightly) and make noise. Each dinosaur has a display board in front of it that gives the name of the dinosaur as well as information about when it lived and other interesting historical info. The attraction carries a separate charge of $5.00, well worth the price especially if you're into archeology or just into dinosaurs! Included here are photos taken of this new exhibit in the park. All but the final photo were taken on Opening Day, May 12th, 2012 which explains the bright green leaves on the trees. Enjoy...
This Albertosaurus looks hungry!!!
LEFT: An Apatosaurus. RIGHT: This is the path along the island that also shares its land with Millennium Force, the 310ft tall
roller coaster in the park. So yes, the dinosaurs must peacefully coexist with technology on the same piece of land!!!
An Angustinaripterus, he looks like he wants to go out flying!
A Ruyangosaurus Giganteous, and yes, he's enormous!!!
LEFT: It would be a very good idea to heed the warnings on signs like this! Whoever came up with that has a great sense of humor!
RIGHT: A Spinosaurus with Millennium Force flying by above!
A couple T-Rex's and a Triceratops just hanging out with Millennium Force!
At the end of the exhibit, you are right near Millennium Force along with a couple Tyranosaurus', also known as the "T-Rex".
Hope you enjoyed your trip WAY BACK in time!!!