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Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Tour
  Now that you've had a chance to see roster photos of the Exhibit Train, it's time to take a tour through this amazing collection of Amtrak memorabilia and walk down "Amtrak Memory Lane"! Whether you're a regular traveller of Amtrak (like me) or if you've never rode an Amtrak train before, you will find this very interesting! In the 1970's, there were some people who honestly believed Amtrak wouldn't last more than a few years! Thankfully, they were all wrong! Though Amtrak has faced many challenges and hurdles in its 40 year history, it is still here today in part because people all over the country have discovered that train travel can be a safe, fun and exciting way to get across the country and there has been enough Congressional support to continue to fund it. This train is a true celebration of the passenger train in America today and is also a true celebration of the thousands of men and women who have kept Amtrak running for the past 40 years! In addition to that, it's also a celebration of the hundreds of millions of passengers who have rode on Amtrak in the past 40 years. As a passenger and a railfan, this is an experience I will never forget! So without further ado, lets take a tour of Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train!!!
LEFT: This rug is in the walkway of the 10020 Sleeping Car that I entered the train through.
RIGHT: The Exhibit Train is to your right!
Amtrak's Chevron (also known as the "Pointless Arrow") Logo. This sign was originally used in Washington Union Station.
The Amtrak 40th Anniversary painting by J. Craig Thorpe! Just beautiful!
LEFT: An early 1970's female Amtrak uniform. RIGHT: A large Anniversary poster setup.
An HO Scale model of a typical Amtrak train from back during the "rainbow" era of the 1970's before
much of the equipment Amtrak was using was refurbished and painted up for Amtrak.
LEFT: A display case of "All Things Amtrak". RIGHT: A 1970's era dining car uniform.
1970's era dining car dinnerware and menus.
Amtrak takes you all over America!
An early Metroliner seat, gotta love them earth tones!
Some early era Amtrak advertisement posters! I wish we still had the Broadway Limited!
More posters, pins and luggage tags from Amtrak's early years!
LEFT: The 1970's ushered in some interesting color schemes inside Amtrak equipment as it was built and/or refurbished!
RIGHT: Some early Conductor and Onboard Service uniforms.
An HO Scale model of a typical Superliner-equipped Amtrak train of the 1980's.
More display cases showing buttons, shirts, posters, etc, ALL THINGS AMTRAK!!!
LEFT: A 1980's era Coach Attendant uniform. RIGHT: Amtrak ushered in the 1980's with new equipment like the Budd-built
Amfleet II Coaches. These coaches are a testament to the build quality of Budd equipment as they're still in service today!
An engineer's seat.
A photo taken of a Turboliner train on the inaugural run of Amtrak service on the new Empire Connection from New York
Penn Station to Albany-Rensselaer. Amtrak had moved out of Grand Central Terminal in 1991 and restored this connection
so as to get trains into and out of Penn Station.
1980's era dining car china.
1980's era coach seats.
An Amtrak Police uniform and a 1980's era Conductor uniform.
An Amtrak Police badge/memorabilia display.
LEFT: An Amtrak Police uniform. RIGHT: A Baggage Handler uniform.
More memorabilia about Amtrak!
A collection of route guides from all over the Amtrak System.
Check out those horns! You can press a button to hear what each one sounds like!
LEFT: An early Amtrak radio and employee operating manuals. RIGHT: 1990's era uniforms.