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Amtrak's 40th Anniversary Exhibit Train Tour - Page 2
The evolution of the Amtrak Timetable! I remember when they used to come folded in half
and you had a separate timetable for the northeast as well as the national timetable.
LEFT: A poster showing various signal aspects and their associated rules. RIGHT: A dwarf signal.
An HO Scale model of a typical eastern Amtrak train in the 1990's when P42's started to replace F40's.
A control stand from an EMD GP40TC locomotive.
Nice promotional sign with those Phase III painted P40's!
LEFT: 1990's era Conductor uniform. RIGHT: Amtrak Metroliner & other great route memorabilia.
Charter Services related materials are shown here along with a celebrity! It appears that "Thing" from "The Addams Family" is
also visiting the exhibit train as evidenced by the hand on top of that case!!! Jeez I crack myself up!
Current era Amtrak dinner place settings.
LEFT: A promotional 3D poster seen in many stations across the country. RIGHT: Dining car menus from various routes
among other things! I never knew Total Cereal once ran an Amtrak promotion!!!
Pacific Surfliner coach seats.
Amtrak in California posters! I love riding on the Surfliners myself!
LEFT: Current Onboard Service uniform. RIGHT: Current Baggage Handler uniform.
A collection of brochures and such about the Swedish-built X2000 and the German-built ICE (Inter City Express) high-speed
trains that toured the Amtrak System in 1993.
Posters of current Amtrak routes! My personal favorite of course would no doubt be the Lake Shore Limited.
Call me partial if you will but hey, I was born and raised in the state of New York!
LEFT: State-sponsored routes including Amtrak in Virginia, The Downeaster in Maine and Amtrak's Cascades route in the Pacific Northwest are showcased here. RIGHT: Acela Express memorabilia along with Amtrak Guest Rewards-related info. I've been a proud member of AGR for about 9 years now! Underneath that is other Amtrak memorabilia including the "Arte The Engineer" plush toy!
Catenary from the Northeast Corridor!
LEFT: Current Amtrak Conductor uniform. RIGHT: Current Dining Car worker uniform.
National Train Day, an annual event put together by Amtrak.
The evolution of ticketing on Amtrak: From paper tickets to eTicketing, which is now being tested on select routes!
New Business Class leather seating.
More posters and an engineer's seat as you get to the end of the last exhibit car and head for the store.
Inside the 40th Anniversary Store, are lots of Amtrak-branded model trains as well as t-shirts and souvenirs for sale! I bought
a baseball cap and a coffee mug, and the weird thing is, I don't even drink coffee! The mug sits on my desk at home!
A National Association Of Railroad Passengers (NARP) Advertisement above a Viaggio High Speed Train model.
Siemens provided this promotional poster in the store car describing the new electric locomotive it is building for Amtrak.
Walking through the center of the Anniversary Store where this large photo is displayed thanking all
the great folks who made this whole thing possible!
The Acela Regional oval tables and seats are still installed on one end of the store car.
LEFT: Looking at the nose of P40DC #822 which was the second unit on the Exhibit Train.
RIGHT: The Exit sign at the end of the train.