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Amtrak's California Zephyr Photos: Medicine Bow, WY To Salt Lake City, UT
Passing through Medicine Bow, WY.
Riding by some very old buildings in Hanna, WY.
Crossing the North Platte River at the Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site.
Some buildings preserved at the Fort Fred Steele State Historic Site.
A Sinclair Oil Refinery appropriately located in Sinclair, WY.
Here is the local bar in Rawlins, WY. Hard to miss it!
Colorado Street in Rawlins passes under the train.
Part of Union Pacific's yard offices in Rawlins.
Another part of the yard office for Union Pacific at Rawlins.
Passing by the former Union Pacific passenger station at Rawlins with a thank-you billboard from the United Way showing a Big Boy!
Union Pacific Caboose #25617 on display next to the Rawlins station.
That barn looks like it's seen better days.
An oil well at Patrick Draw, WY.
Now passing some interesting rock formations at West Bittercreek, WY.
Coming into Rock Springs, WY.
North Front Street In Rock Springs.
Now in the yard at Green River, WY.
Some track maintenance equipment at Green River yard.
Union Pacific's Yard Office at Green River. The train would make a crew change here.
The Union Pacific passenger station at Green River.
Crossing the Green River!
Covered hoppers at Granger, WY.
Now we're in Lyman, WY. The American Flag mural on that building in the background is cool!
Time for dinner!!! Tonight, I would have another delicious Amtrak Signature Steak with Wild Rice, Mashed Potatoes and a Diet Pepsi!
Once again, a great meal in the dining car!
With a very early arrival at Salt Lake City due to using the detour route through Wyoming, there was lots of time for some Manual HDR
night photography! Here we have the California Zephyr taking a break at Salt Lake City.
I don't know why, but I thought these signal lights looked cool!
The Utah Transit Authority's FrontRunner Salt Lake Central train station located next to Amtrak's station.
Another view of the Zephyr from the other side. Permission was granted by the train crew to get this photo.
The red lighting effect on the side of the train looked really cool!
Amtrak's Salt Lake City Station as seen from the platform.
Finally, a view of the train from the platform. Once we leave Salt Lake City, we'll be back on the
regular route of the train for the rest of the journey to Emeryville, CA.