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Amtrak's California Zephyr Photos: Sparks, NV To Emeryville, CA
Now riding along the Truckee River, coming into Sparks, NV.
Riding through the Sparks, NV Union Pacific Yard.
Passing the Union Pacific (and former Amtrak) station in Sparks, NV. Amtrak stopped service at this station
for the California Zephyr in 2009 but it's not that big a deal since the Reno station is only 3 miles from here.
Paralleling I-80 and passing a sign for the "Rail City Casino"! Welcome to Reno!!!
Taking a break at Reno, NV station. This is a crew change point for the train as well.
My sleeping car, Superliner I #32006 at Reno.
Now riding along the Truckee River again, having departed Reno and closing in on the California state line!
Welcome to California! We're still following I-80, and are in the town of Floriston, CA, now in the Sierra Nevada Mountains!!!.
More of the mighty Truckee, and getting close to the city of the same name!
Some snow-fighting equipment parked in the small yard in Truckee.
Welcome to the City of Truckee, CA.
The Amtrak station at Truckee, CA which also home to the Truckee Railroad Museum!
This former Southern Pacific bay-window caboose is part of the museum here in Truckee.
Donner Lake! Along with Donner Pass where we are right now, is one of the most scenic parts of the whole route!!!
I can only imagine the lakefront property in this area is quite expensive!
What an amazing view of this beautiful lake!
Lots of tall pine trees in these mountains!
This whole area is part of what is known as the Tahoe National Forest.
Passing through Sysco, CA.
This area is known as Fordyce Creek.
Now passing through Emigrant Gap, CA.
Now arriving in Colfax, CA.
For lunch today, I had the Marketplace Special which was Penne Pasta with Meatballs in a Tomato Creme Sauce
with a Diet Pepsi, this was absolutely delicious!!!
Now coming into Roseville, CA as evidenced by this water tower.
Amtrak's station at Roseville, CA.
2 Union Pacific EMD GP60's at Roseville yard, a very impressive yard you go through just after the Roseville station stop.
2 Union Pacific EMD GP38-2's at Roseville yard.
The fueling pad at Roseville yard.
Crossing the American River and coming into Sacramento, CA.
Taking a break at Sacramento, CA station.
A building from the former Sacramento Locomotive Works on the Southern Pacific, located near the Sacramento station.
Amtrak's station in Davis, CA, the next stop after Sacramento.
Part of the Joyce Island State Game Refuge west of Davis.
Ships owned by the United States Navy that are stored in Suisun Bay. They are known as the "Mothball Fleet"!
A huge new car transload facility near Suisun Bay with the Mothball Fleet in the background.
We're about to go over the Benecia-Martinez Bridge and make the next station stop of Martinez, CA shortly after crossing the bridge.
We would also make a stop at Richmond, CA before arriving at Emeryville, though the stations were located on the wrong side of
the train for good lighting conditions.
Riding along San Pablo Bay at Pinole, CA.
Welcome to Emeryville, CA, the western terminus of Amtrak's California Zephyr.
The California Zephyr with one of Amtrak California's Capital Corridor trains, this one being #564 making its stop at Emeryville.
And finally, Train #5 departs Emeryville, heading for Amtrak's Oakland yard and shops to be turned and serviced. This train set
would go back to Chicago the following morning as Train #6. I know there was a lot of pix, I hope you enjoyed them!!!