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Amtrak's California Zephyr Photos: Denver, CO To Laramie, WY
Good Morning! Time for breakfast before sunrise! I would have those delicious Amtrak Pancakes with Pork Sausage Patties
and Breakfast Potatoes with a Diet Pepsi and Orange Juice, my favorite breakfast on the train!!!
Once again, I'm hearing "Sunrise" by Norah Jones!!! Here we have the rising sun just outside of Denver.
Coors Field, home of Major League Baseball's "Colorado Rockies".
Amtrak's temporary Denver Station located at the corner of 21st and Wewatta Streets in downtown Denver. Amtrak will be using
this station until renovations at Denver Union Station are completed in 2014 at which time Amtrak will move back there again.
Looking from Wewatta Street, we see the California Zephyr being serviced at the temporary Denver station.
The Zephyr's power being serviced along with a ton of checked baggage being off-loaded.
Taking a break at Denver.
The new station tracks and platforms under construction at Denver Union Station which necessitated Amtrak to use a temporary platform.
The last car in the train on the Zephyr, a sleeping car as sleepers travel on the rear of this train.
Amtrak GE P42DC #196 parked outside BNSF's engine shop in Denver, seen shortly after departing Denver.
Now riding on the Buck Main out of Denver station, we're crossing over a BNSF main with the power in the left of the photo is
heading to the BNSF 31st Street Yard. Special thanks to for photo info.
Crossing the South Platte River. Special thanks to for photo info.
Now out of Denver, we're heading towards Cheyenne, WY!
Crossing 10th Street in Greeley, CO.
Passing the Greeley Elevator Company.
Some farmland in Eaton, CO.
Some new poles set up in front of a historic Union Pacific Caboose in Ault, CO.
Now passing through Nunn, CO, getting close to the Wyoming state line.
Coming into Wyoming, lots of Buffalo! I guess I should be reminded of home by this being from Buffalo, NY? Oh wait, this is
the big animal, not a photo of chicken wings!!!
Passing over a Colorado & Southern mainline. Special thanks to for photo info.
Passing by an oil well and an autorack train in Speer, WY.
Passing through Buford, WY.
Now passing through Tie Siding, WY.
A good sized snow storm blew through here a couple weeks before I made this trip. Interesting rock formations!
I know, it isn't Glenwood Canyon but it still looks cool if you ask me!
Now we're in Laramie, WY and the highway in the foreground is US 287.
Now we're in Bosler, WY with US 287 and US 30 in the foreground.
Coming into Rock River, WY. That snow in the background is scaring me!
I'm a warm weather guy and will experience it later in the trip!
Beautiful fall colors in southern Wyoming!
More fall colors. Most of the deciduous trees were near rivers and streams.
Time for lunch! I would have the Angus Steak Burger with Bacon, Kettle Chips and a Diet Pepsi. Bacon Burgers are the best!!!