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Amtrak's California Zephyr Photos: Chicago, IL To Omaha, NE
Taken a few minutes before we depart Chicago, is Amtrak Train #5 - The California Zephyr with
GE P42DC #132 leading a consist of two engines and 10 cars.
Standing next to my "home" for the next couple nights, the "0531" car which is Superliner I Sleeping Car #32006.
Metra, Chicago's commuter rail system has their big coach yard next to Amtrak's as seen from the train just after departing Union Station.
Now turning west onto the BNSF Aurora Sub and passing a Metra train. This line is sometimes referred to as the "racetrack".
Now leaving downtown Chicago, The Windy City! Shown here with the wonderful Willis Tower, Chicago's tallest building.
I visited the sky deck of that building back in 2004, what a view!!! Obviously, I'm not afraid of heights!
Riding past intermodal yards in Chicago. Got wheels???
Naperville, IL, a station stop used by both Amtrak and Metra trains.
Passing by Burlington Junction Railway EMD SW9 #900 at Montgomery, IL where this railroad has a connection with BNSF.
The California Zephyr takes a break at Galesburg, IL.
The Galesburg Railroad Museum is located next door to the Amtrak Station here. One of the signature pieces in its collection is this
Chicago, Burlington & Quincy 4-6-4 Steamer #3006 which was built by the Baldwin Locomotives Works in 1930.
A view of the train with the Burlington 4-6-4 from the platform in Galesburg. That's a neat mural on that building in the background!
The Amtrak Station in Galesburg, as seen from the departing train.
A former CB&Q 40ft box car located just west of the Galesburg Station.
Time for dinner!!! I had the Amtrak Signature Steak with Wild Rice and Veggies and a Diet Pepsi, good eats!!!
Crossing over the mighty Mississippi River into Iowa. The bridge in this photo is carrying U.S. 34 over the river into Burlington, IA.
BNSF EMD GP39-2 #2792 sits on a siding just after crossing the Mississippi River.
The lift bridge over the Mississippi River that we just crossed. Welcome to Iowa!!!
The sunset near Mount Pleasant, IA. I don't know why, but this image reminds me of a scene in the movie "Field Of Dreams". You might
remember the scene where Ray Liota yells back to Kevin Costner "Hey, is this heaven?" and Costner responds "No, it's Iowa!"
Amtrak's Station in Ottumwa, IA which also is home to a historical museum. This photo, and the next five on this page were
High-ISO images rather than Manual HDR since there was only a limited amount of time at the next two stops for photos. I set
the camera at ISO 6400 and used the onboard flash for these photos rather than layer-masking a bunch of photos.
A view of the platform with the train at Ottumwa. The platform canopy appears to be under renovation.
Ottumwa is a crew change/fresh air (or smoking) stop. For me, I don't smoke so it's a picture stop!
Now in Omaha, NE, this is a small service/fueling stop for the train. Above is the old Omaha Station which is not in use except
for the platform. Amtrak has a smaller station located behind where I stood to get this photo.
The California Zephyr taking a break at Omaha.
Amtrak's station in Omaha, located next to the old station. This size building is good enough for two trains per day.