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Wabash - Canon Ball .
North Evans, NY
September 19th, 2014
AAPRCO Pine Tree Limited
   Amtrak 040
Canon Ball
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 60D
Tamron (Canon) 18-200mm
f3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens
f6.3 @ 1/800th sec
ISO 250
American Car & Foundry
Wabash Railroad
Norfolk & Western Railway
Wabash Railroad
Silver Rails, Inc.

Built by American Car & Foundry in 1922 for the Wabash Railroad's top officials. The car's ownership was assumed under the Norfolk & Western Railway in 1964. The car was purchased by the Stillman family in 1974 and is still owned and operated by their company Silver Rails, Inc. While shorter than most office cars, it still containes 1 master bedroom, one double bedroom, 2 open sections, crew quarters, 2 showers, dining room, observation lounge with wet bar and open rear platform. Historical Information about this car provided by AAPRCO.