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Northern Sky Charters - Northern Dreams .
North Evans, NY
September 19th, 2014
AAPRCO Pine Tree Limited
   Amtrak 040
Northern Sky Charters
Digital Photo
Canon EOS 60D
Tamron (Canon) 18-200mm
f3.5-6.3 Zoom Lens
f7.1 @ 1/800th sec
ISO 250

Union Pacific Railroad

Amtrak 2234 "Star Scene"
Amtrak 2254 "Star Scene"
UP 1705 "Star Scene"
UP "North Platte"
Northern Sky, Inc.


Built by Pullman-Standard in 1956 as a 5 Double Bedroom-Buffet-Redwood Lounge Car named "North Platte" for the Union Pacific Railroad. UP rebuilt the car into an 11 Bedroom Sleeper in 1965 and renamed it "Star Scene" and numbered it 1705. Conveyed to Amtrak in 1971 and numbered 2254. Converted to Head-End Power from Steam heat in April 1984 and renumbered 2234. Amtrak retired the car in 1997 and subsequently sold the car to current owners in 1999 when it was renamed "Northern Dreams". In 2003, the car was upgraded and refurbished as a 6 Bedroom Lounge. Historical Information about this car provided by AAPRCO,, and