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Chasing The Misty Rainbow At The High Falls - Take 1
  I decided that I was gonna give it another try to get a good photo with that misty rainbow coming off the High Falls over the Genesee River so I made another trip to Rochester to attempt this again. Included here are some photos taken trying to capture this rainbow along with a couple at Buffalo-Depew Station. Enjoy...
Before heading to Rochester, I stopped by Buffalo-Depew Station to see Train #64 - The Maple Leaf arrive with P42DC #44 for power.
The first train I saw once I arrived in Rochester was this westbound CSX van train with ES44DC #5473 on the head end.
Next up was this CSX westbound autorack train with C40-8 #7565 on the head end.
Next up is a late Amtrak Train #63 - The Maple Leaf with P32AC-DM #709 leading,
having just departed Rochester Station enroute to Toronto.
Finally, that rainbow decided to show up! This is Amtrak Empire Service Train #281
with P32AC-DM #713 for power, on its way to Niagara Falls.
After heading back towards Buffalo, I ended the day at Buffalo-Depew Staiton with Train #49 - The Lake Shore Limited
taking a break, with P42DC #93. That's all folks!!!
  The rainbow finally decided to show up as of when Train #281 passed through the area, so I guess I accomplished my goal for this trip! I'll have to get back here again in 2013 for sure! Until next time, Happy Railfanning!