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Chasing The Misty Rainbow At The High Falls - Take 1
  I decided that I was gonna give it another try to get a good photo with that misty rainbow coming off the High Falls over the Genesee River so I made another trip to Rochester to attempt this again. Included here are some photos taken trying to capture this rainbow along with a couple at Buffalo-Depew Station on the way back home. Enjoy...
The first train today was Amtrak Train #64 - The Maple Leaf shortly before arriving at the Rochester Station. I would end up dodging the
clouds for a good part of today compared to last weekend! This train had GE P42DC #150 on the head end.
Next up is Amtrak Train #63 - The Maple Leaf on its way west having just departed Rochester. This train will run to Toronto with
P42DC #93 on the head end. The train is operated by Via Rail Canada once it crosses the border into Canada.

Located on the east side of the Genesee River is the one and only Genesee Brewing Company, operating in Rochester since 1878!

Needing some proof that I was there, here is yours truly, taking a break (and learning how the self-timer works on the camera!).
Next up is this westbound CSX intermodal train with GE ES44AC #3006 for the lead unit. Finally, the rainbow decided to show up!
The next train today would be CSX Train Q-003 with GE ES44AH #973 leading.
Just my luck, less than 5 minutes before this train came by, the sun was shining beautifully and the rainbow in the mist looked amazing,
then, the sun dipped behind the clouds and the train came by! Oh well, guess I gotta make one more trip back here again! Here we have
Amtrak Empire Service Train #281 with GE P32AC-DM #707 for power having just departed Rochester on its way to Niagara Falls.
At Buffalo-Depew Station on the way home, we have CSX Train Q-377 passing a tied down K-256 shortly before sunset with Q-377 being
lead by EMD SD60I
#8732 which is a former Conrail unit. The 7863 is a GE C40-8W.
Here's a photo of CSX Train K-256, waiting for a crew to take it east.
Next up is CSX Train Q-379 with GE AC4400CW #420 on the head end just before sunset.
Finally, Amtrak Empire Service Train #283 takes a quick break before making its last 2 stops at Buffalo-Exchange Street and
Niagara Falls, NY. Tonight's train was lead by GE P32AC-DM #713, one of only 18 units like it on Amtrak and they are rarely
seen outside of New York as they feature technology that allows the diesel engine to shut down and operate on 3rd rail
electric when these trains enter the tunnels into New York's Penn Station where diesel operation is not normally done.
  This proved to be a good day but I decided after how things ended up on this trip that I was gonna make one more trip to Rochester to see if I can perfect this "rainbow photo" with the High Falls and Amtrak one more time. Thankfully, Rochester is just about an hour's drive from Buffalo so no big deal to head there again! Until next time, Happy Railfanning!