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Night At The Railroad Museum - North East, PA
  After spending time in Conneaut, I drove back to Erie and took a breather at my hotel which was the Red Roof Inn. Having been out on this trip since 4:00am, I needed to get a little shut-eye in before heading over to the museum so after a few hours there, I headed over to McDonald's for dinner then over to North East for the actual event. I had arrived just in time as it was getting to be about dusk and the museum was setting things up for a night photo session with their GE U25B, which had its headlight turned on and some smoke around it for added "dramatic" effect! You'll see the photos here in a little bit. This was a very well-attended event that I hope to experience again someday. Included here are photos taken once I arrived at the "Night At The Railroad Museum"!
Looking out at the museum grounds from the front of their GE U25B, we see the former Empire Builder Dining Car "Lake Wenatchee".
So as to get equipment placed for the upcoming night photo session, the museum deployed it's GE Switcher, the former Ellwood National Forge #188,
to get some equipment in place, namely a boxcar and caboose located towards the back of the train. The Norfolk Southern GE B32-8 #3563 came
along for the ride. It was donated to the museum by NS and was one of only 49 units of its type to be built by GE in Erie.
A view looking west down the platform with the ACF-built Empire Builder Dining Car.
This station was built in 1899 for the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern which later became part of the New York Central. Tonight's events would
later include slide shows of different railroad-related events along with lots of opportunities for night photos and railfanning.
And now here we have a night photo session put together by the museum. Now shortly after sunset, the museum's U25B is now lit up along with some
flood lights used to illuminate the overall scene.
Built by GE in 1963 in nearby Erie, this U25B was the first one built for the New York Central and is one of only two that still exist according to the
museum. It's headlight and numberboards were illuminated for this photo session!
A "profile" view of the nose and numberboards on the 2500! If you liked these photos, check out the link below, you'll see some more
very interesting night photos taken during this one-of-a-kind event!