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Night At The Railroad Museum: Night Photos
  Over the years, if you've read my travelogues, you know that night photography, specifically, manual HDR night photography, has become a huge part of my travelogues. One of the reasons I wanted to make this trip was to do some of this type of photography and this event presented lots of different opportunities to do just that. Included here is a collection of six night photos taken. I hope you enjoy what you see here as this is the most difficult photography to do since it requires having to take multiple photos at different exposures, then a lot of post-production work in Adobe Photoshop to get the final product. Until next time, when I'll be taking a huge mainline steam train excursion, Happy Railfanning...
Looking east at the museum grounds at the tower as well as former Chicago, South Shore & South Bend #802, also known as "Little Joe" which
is an electric locomotive built by GE and is one of only 3 known to still exist out of the original 20 that were built.
Looking west at the station building. Slide shows (in digital format of course) were running throughout the evening and you could also just watch
for trains and/or engage in some intense railroad conversation with other railfans, some of which, traveled hundreds of miles for this event!
A view of Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Baggage Car #1530 which is the museum's only baggage car and was built in 1918 by the CB&Q.
Former Norfolk Southern GE B32-8 #3563, donated by NS to the museum in 2014, it was built in 1989 by GE in Erie, and is one of only 49 units
of this model that were ever built, and the only one to be preserved.
With the beautiful Empire Builder Diner in view, this is looking east from the platform. The platform's original brickwork is in nice shape!
And now turning the camera about 180 degrees, we have this view looking west. That's all folks! Thanks for watching!