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Night Photos At Cleveland
  I planned this trip so as to be in Sandusky, OH for Cedar Point's Opening Day 2012, however with this time of the year having some of the best light for photography and the bright green-colored leaves on the trees, I knew I had to get in some railfanning as well! After an uneventful drive to Sandusky, I checked into my hotel, a Red Roof Inn in Milan, OH and eventually took a drive back to Cleveland to do some night photography. My original plan was to be there to photograph both of Amtrak's Capitol Limited trains but once I arrived there, I realized I got there over an hour too early, so with some time to waste, and being in the middle of Downtown Cleveland at 1:00am, I decided to take some night photos of some of the other attractions near the Amtrak station as they were lit up very nicely! So included here is a collection of night photos taken while waiting for, and eventually of, Amtrak's Capitol Limited. All of the photos with the exception of those taken on the station platform were taken from a parking garage on the south side of the tracks near Cleveland's City Hall. Enjoy...
The Great Lakes Science Center.
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame & Museum. If you love music, you need to see this place! I've already visited it 3 times myself!
LEFT: The Key Tower, the tallest building in Cleveland with the Terminal Tower behind it. RIGHT: The 200 Public Square Building.
Cleveland Browns Stadium, conveniently located behind the Amtrak Station on the Cleveland Lakefront!
A close-up view of the Amtrak Station. The tracks directly in front of the station are used by the RTA light-rail trains and don't stop at
this station, rather they stop at their own station up the tracks from here.
As I mentioned earlier, the parking garage I was standing in is located in front of Cleveland City Hall, as shown above.
The Cleveland Law Library.
With its power having overshot the platform (and me standing at the far east end of the parking garage to get this photo), we
have Amtrak Train #30 - The Capitol Limited taking a quick break at Cleveland Station with P42DC #83 on the head end.
Now taking a break at Cleveland is Amtrak Train #29 - The Capitol Limited heading for Chicago from Washington D.C. with P42DC #63
on the lead. The train actually arrived some 20 minutes early that night so it was at the station for over a half hour and left on time!
LEFT: I tried to get creative using that Cleveland Browns goal post in the background with the train in the foreground! RIGHT: I thought
this looked cool! Just before I took down the camera gear, I noticed this view from behind the Amtrak Station Building. We have the
200 Public Square Building to the left, the Key Tower in the center and the Terminal Tower to the right. This was a time exposure that
caused a blurring effect with the clouds with the moon peaking behind! Sometimes, these things just work!