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Railfanning Northern Ohio - Day 1
  My plan for today was to go railfanning in Northern Ohio with my first stop in Lorain on Franke Drive which is on the NS Ex-Nickel Plate mainline however the only train near there was a local which was not in an area I could easily photograph so I drove from there to Amherst, OH to check out the train depot there. Below are some photos taken while there...
This eastbound NS autorack train flew through Amherst when I was visiting the depot with GE C40-9W #9332 on the lead.
A caboose of unknown heritage sits on the property with a former Chesapeake & Ohio Coach. The caboose was built around 1900.
Special thanks to for historic info on the caboose.
A closer view of former Chesapeake & Ohio Coach on display at the Amherst depot.
The historic Amherst, OH New York Central Passenger Depot. This station was built in 1905 by the Lake Shore &
Michigan Southern Railway which later became part of the New York Central. The station last served passenger
trains in 1963. It is now used as a non-profit meeting/banquet hall and is owned today by Nordson Corp. Special
thanks again to for assistance on the history of this depot.
I love the crossing signal at the entrance!!!
  After spending some time in Amherst, I decided my next stop would be the Amtrak station in Elyria. I plugged the address of the station into my GPS that I picked up from Amtrak's iPhone App only to end up getting lost in the process! See, GPS is NOT always perfect! By now, I was hungry so I stopped at a Burger King in Elyria for lunch and did something most men wouldn't think of (if you ask most women anyway), I asked for directions (insert rimshot here)! Thanks to a very friendly Burger King employee, I found the station so here's some photos taken while there...
Amtrak's station in Elyria, OH. This station is not staffed though it recent years it has received upgrades to make the platform
access Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant. The last time I visited here was in 2001 and back then, the building
was open as a waiting area for trains but it's unclear if it still is anymore. It was maintained then by a local group of railfans. The
station also used to have something that's becoming a rarity in today's world of mobile communication...a pay phone!!!
One of the many signs posted at Amtrak stations nationwide that display train information. You will find many of them at unstaffed
stations but they are also seen at some staffed stations as well.
The first train today was Norfolk Southern Train 14N with GE ES40DC #7574 on the lead.
Now here's something you don't see everyday on a train (OK I don't), some new John Deere farm tractors!!!
Next up, and this would be the last train I would see in Elyria before leaving the station, is westbound train 11D
with GE C40-9W #9271 on the lead. It was a rather slow afternoon unfortunately so not many trains today.
  After spending part of the afternoon in Elyria, I headed back to Sandusky to meet up with a friend in the area for dinner. After that, I drove over to the Amtrak station in Sandusky for the last bit of daylight and took a few photos there, check 'em out..
Amtrak's station in Sandusky which was built originally by the Lake Shore & Michigan Southern Railway in 1892.
The station isn't staffed but does feature a heated waiting room and bathrooms.
The waiting room in the station for Amtrak passengers. You have to call the non-emergency phone number to the Sandusky
Police and they come and unlock the station building for you so you don't have to wait outside if you prefer.
The information sign at the Amtrak station in Sandusky.
Looking west on the platform at the Sandusky Station.
Looking east at the Sandusky station. Free parking is available at the station.
The small Norfolk Southern yard in Sandusky on the Water Level Route as seen from the station platform.
This eastbound NS freight came through with EMD SD60I #6772 on the lead, which is a former Conrail unit.
Finally, shortly after sunset, here is a view of the Sandusky station, and so ends a good day in Northern Ohio!