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The Middle Division Transportation Committee (MDTC)  was an informal group composed of retired railroaders from the Pennsylvania RR / Penn Central / Conrail Middle Division, mostly from the Altoona Yard operations in its prime.  The retirees consisted of Yardmasters, Clerks, train crews who worked the yard, tower/block operators, etc.  They banded together to capture some of their mutual history and have made oral histories of their recollections on video tape and audio tape, moderated by former Assistant Yardmaster, John Conlon.  John was a self taught local historian who periodically had columns in the Altoona Mirror.  The MDTC's emphasis was on the "transportation operations" of the railroad and their hope was that someday the ARMM will expand exhibits relating to transportation since so much is oriented toward the shops complexes and their accomplishments.


The following newsletters, containing local railroad history, were wrttten during the brief time the group was together:


May 2002 November 2002
December 2002 February 2003
March 2003 November 2003
November 2004


  For further information about the Middle Division Transportation Committee, please contact:

David Seidel


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