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NMRA - 2007 MER Convention: layout tours

home layout tours

The James River Flyer will feature over a dozen great layouts in the Lynchburg area open for visiting during the convention, as well as others open Sunday afternoon near established "going-home" routes. The scales range from Z up to O.

We will also be hosting Operations Call Board sessions on Thursday and Friday evenings and Saturday afternoon. See the Operations Call Board page for details.

You may also see a schedule of layout tours by date.

Bill Cox's Virginia Blue Ridge & Southern thumbnail

Bill's 36 x 24 multi-level HO scale layout is set in 1956. It features Digitrax and is housed in a detached building. He will be hosting an Operations Call Board session.

Friday 7-10 PM (Call Board), Saturday 1-5 PM (Call Board)

Mark Day's Bedford Branch thumbnail

The Bedford Branch is a freelanced N scale layout set in the 1950s/1960s. This 14 x 10 mountain line features a city scene, small town and rural areas, as well as Digitrax DCC.

Friday 7-10 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

Ron Gareis' Pennsylvania Railroadthumbnail

Built around the walls of a 28 x 35 room (with two peninsulas), Ron's PRR-influenced layout has a 185-foot, multi-track mainline run. Some scenery is detailed, and long trains are run using Digitrax DCC. As Ron's layout is the principal testbed for Broadway Limited and PCM locomotives, many will be evident.

Sunday 1-4 PM

High Bridge Model Railroad Club thumbnail

For conventioneers headed home in that direction, the High Bridge Model Railroad club in Farmville, VA is worth a stop. Running both O scale and HO scale equipment, there are coal mines and a lumber operation. A model of the spectacular prototype High Bridge should be in place before convention time.

Sunday 1-4 PM

Rodney Laughon's Rio Grande Railroadthumbnail

Loosely based on the D&RGW in Colorado in the 1950s and 1960s, Rodney’s 11 x 13 N scale, Digitrax powered layout contains three towns and lots of industrial switching. Trackwork is 99% complete and scenery is detailed.

Friday 1-5 PM, Friday 7-10 PM

The LyNchburg Area N Scalers thumbnail

The LyNchburg Area N-Scalers have been modeling in the Lynchburg area for over six years. The club will display a large NTRAK modular layout in the Ballroom of the convention hotel.

Tom Nelson's Maine Central Mountain Division thumbnail

Set in the 1960's, Tom's fully-scenicked HO scale logging line has a 300-foot mainline run and traverses five rooms. It uses dispatcher control and Digitrax DCC. Tom will host an Operations Call Board.

Thursday 7-10 PM (Call Board), Friday 7-10 PM (Call Board)

Jean Raas' Tidewater, Rappahanock & Afton Mountain

Jean's 16 x 26 freelanced layout is two-rail O scale. Set in the steam/diesel era, it includes both kit-built built and scratchbuilt structures.

Friday 7-10 PM, Sunday 12-4 PM

Jim Revell's Freelance Railroad thumbnail

Jim's HO Scale layout models the 1960's to the 1980's, depending on the equipment on the layout. Trackwork on the 12 x 24 layout is 98% complete with detailed scenery. Jim runs passenger, freight, and local trains under DC power.

Friday 7-10 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

Jerry Ritter's Toklat Northern / Hudson & Ohio Railroad thumbnail

Situated in a 25 x 13 room over Jerry's garage, his layout is set on the Jersey side of New York Harbor during the steam-to-diesel transition era. Operators control the layout from rolling chairs, using Digitrax cabs. Trackwork is about 85% complete, with minimal scenery.

Sunday 1-4 PM

John Siegle's Shenandoah Southern thumbnail

John's three-rail O scale layout measures 8 x 12, and is set in the 1950's. Its three scenicked levels are highly detailed and feature many scratchbuilt structures.

Thursday 7-10 PM, Friday 7-10 PM

Chris Schieck's Forest & Western thumbnail

Chris's freelanced 1950's HO scale layout is 22 x 25 in size, with multiple levels and a 200-foot main line. It features Digitrax DCC, and some locomotives have sound.

Friday 1-5 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

Gene Thommen's Blue Ridge & Coastal Railwaythumbnail

Set in 1957, Gene's freelanced HO layout has detailed scenery and Digitrax control. Gene also owns a drop-down N-scale and scenicked portable Z-scale layout.

Friday 7-10 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

Conley Wallace's Norfolk & Western / Virginian thumbnail

Conley's O scale layout fills a 34 x 44 basement and represents N&W and VGN during the 1959 pre-merger era. The layout is fulkly scenicked with numerous scratchbuilt houses typical of the WV coalfields.

Sunday 1-4 PM

Gordon Watkins' Glendale Centralthumbnail

Gordon's freelanced, HO scale multi-level layout is 30 x 18, with spectacular bridges, rivers and mountains. He uses Digitrax control and many locomotives have sound installed.

Friday 1-5 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

Aubrey Wiley's Virginian Railway thumbnail

Aubrey's HO scale pike covers two rooms with its detailed scenery. He uses DC block control, and has PFM sound in all steam locomotives. The layout is set in August 1954.

Friday 1-5 PM

Chris Wiley's C&O James River Subdivision thumbnail

Chris has laid 95% of the track on his 25 x 26 N scale island layout, set in summer 1957. Basic scenery and a CTC machine are in place, and his signal system is under construction.

Thursday 7-10 PM, Saturday 1-5 PM

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