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Oil Junction

Oil Junction is located on Union Pacific's Bakersfield-Fresno line about 5 miles north (railroad west) of Kern Junction.  It is the junction of the UP main line, the ex-SP/Santa Fe joint operated Oil City Branch (now operated by San Joaquin Valley Railroad) and the ex-Santa Fe Landco Branch (now SJVR).   The landco Branch was built to connect Santa Fe's Valley Line to Southern Pacific's Valley Line.  The branch allowed Santa Fe trains to access their trackage rights needed to access the Santa Fe Porterville Sub (off of SP's Exeter Branch) and the joint controlled Oil City Branch. 

Currently, Oil Junction is used mainly by the San Joaquin Valley Railroad.   The SJVR utilizes the transfer tracks located along both the UP Main line and on the connection to the Landco Branch to stage traffic to and from the Oil City Branch.   From Oil Junction, the Oil City Branch leaves the main line to the east, while the Landco Branch connects from the south.  Oil Junction is located near the intersection of Olive Drive and Roberts Lane in the Bakersfield suburb of Oildale.

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Directions from Highway 99: 

Exit at Olive Drive north of Bakersfield;  travel east on Olive Drive to railroad crossing (UP main line);   At crossing, the Landco Branch connects south of Olive Drive and the Oil City Branch connects to the north of Olive Drive.

Nearest services:  Oil Junction is located in the middle of Oildale, a suburb north of Bakersfield.  Gas, food, lodging and retail businesses are all available in the immediate area (within 2 miles).  The location is also within 5 miles of the center of Bakersfield where additional services can be found.